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Audi A4 CVT TCM problems

marinacmarinac Member Posts: 2
edited January 2015 in Audi
My car is AUDI A4 2004 CVT. . A few days ago the PRND indicator began to blink and the car went into the safe mode. My mechanic told it might be TCM problems. I called to the dealer and they told that if it is exactly the CTM problems I should pay them 1200-1300 for replacement. But it is too much for the 10-years-old car. I am looking for the competent advises. Any experience?


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    marinacmarinac Member Posts: 2
    I’d like to share my experience. My mechanic highly recommended Module Repair Pro in Van Nuys Ca( 5911 Lemona Ave). http://www.shop.modulerepairpro.com/
    Many of his clients are clients of the Module Repair Pro. I don’t regret that listened to him. They restored the module in short time and for reasonable price. Of course you can go to the dealer and pay much more for the replacement but you will have the same result. Highly recommended.
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