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imageInterior Materials - 2014 BMW i3 Long-Term Road Test

BMW is touting its recycled interior materials in the 2014 BMW i3 and it turns out they produce a very different experience.

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  • kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    The whole hippie thing turns me off. This is for people that want to look like they are "green". Like the Al Gore's of the world that drive their Prius when they want to look "green" and then have a fleet of Suburbans for every time else. I'm not looking to make a "statement". I'd want a vehicle that works great, is reliable and well designed. I'm not looking for a car which only uses trees that were fed bottled water and were praised "you are a good tree" on a daily basis.
  • lmbvettelmbvette South FloridaMember Posts: 93
    @kirkhilles1 - Have you seen the 2016 Volt? It might be the car for you.
    Don't worry about what other people think. Drive what makes you happy.
  • cjasiscjasis Member Posts: 274
    BMW let us keep an I3 for a long weekend and I was shocked at how much I liked it. It actually drives a lot better than any of the other e-cars out there (with the exception of the Tesla Model S which is substantially more expensive). I absolutely agree that the sightlines and visibility are very good (take that Prius). My three big complaints were: (I) price, (2) the stupid transmission shifter and (3) price.

    The real world range (even with the extender) would mean this could never be an only car for me since I couldn't count on having to drive up to LA and back safely in one trip. But the real price, even after incentives, is what will likely keep me out of BMW dealerships for this thing.
  • greg128greg128 Member Posts: 472
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    While the exterior styling is horrendous the interior only looks ugly.

    I'll make a prediction that they won't sell many of these.
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    I still dislike the exterior look. I've seen a few on the street now and they look even worse than in photos. Not sure why BMW couldn't make it look more like... oh... a BMW instead of a golf cart cobbled together from spare parts. But that's probably, at least in part, the need to make sure that a eco-car LOOKS different so that it sells well. People buy green cars out of concern for the environment but ALSO to make sure everyone else SEES that they are concerned about the environment. Out here in California green cars that look just like their traditional counterparts are sales duds while the ones that look like alien golf carts sell like hotcakes.
  • smr1973smr1973 Member Posts: 2
    I love when people call out smart-car drivers as wanting to give off a certain image via their vehicle. Because that's totally unique to them, the guys driving the two-door sports cars and boosted pickups that never carried anything heavier than a bag of dirt, they're not trying to give off a certain image at all, nope. *rolleyes*
  • barryhuberbarryhuber Member Posts: 14
    edited February 2015
    Hmmm. Exterior is a shrug. The interior is awful. Spent 20 minutes in one and the materials and space are the two reasons I would not consider the car. The backseat is unusable by anyone with kids in car seats or adults. The interior material quality ranks right around Kia Optima -rental-car feel. Just awful.
  • anotherdrunkanotherdrunk Guest Posts: 30
    i bought a

    attention getting


    as i was leaving the dealer had to remind me its electric
  • starbirdstarbird Member Posts: 38
    its a bit twitchy in the wind though
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