99/00 Silverado Bug Guard

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What Bug Guard you got on your 99/00 Silverado?
How does it do on the highway for staying put? Does
it create any wind noise? How does it fit?

Post any pics you may have here also.


I'm steering towards Cover Craft...maybe?
Is the GM one Lund?

Any input would be great.


- Tim


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    Same old advice, Tim. GM Goodwrench has one of the best. Screws hold it in place by threading into nylon fasteners that snap into peg holes on the underside of the hood. Five fasteners, five minutes, perfect fit, secure, you're done. No hook and loop, no sticky tape. Costs a little more, but perfect fit, superior quality.
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    What about Noise?

    How much Highway driving you do?


    - Tim
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    I do enough highway driving apparently, that I get the windshield popping noise. At first on the passenger side. I taped it. Now finally on the drivers side. Probably just need to seal it like others have been doing. I've heard if you don't get the bug shield, you won't get the windshield noise. Plus's and Minus's of having one, I guess.
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    I have an Auto Vent Shade Hoodflector II on my 99 Silverado which I drive on the highway quite a lot, and have found no indication of any of the oft-discussed problems associated with these guards.

    I have put over 7500 miles on my truck (12400 Kms - I'm in Toronto)in just over 3 months and much of it has been bass boat towing highway driving.

    It also installs the same way that quadrunner500 describes the GM insatllation. It has quite a low profile, also. From the driver's seat you really have to want to see it - you have to stretch a bit to see the ends, so it's not like having an airplane flap on the hood of your truck.

    I hope the helps rather than confuses the issue.

    One additional note. With the particular guard, I did NOT have to do any sealing of the windshield weather stripping, and the wiper blades do not float off the glass at highway speeds.

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    I just got a Bugflector II for $45 the other day. The installation took 2 minutes. It uses 5 nylon fasteners that go in the predrilled holes. Put the screws in and voila. The hood closed okay with a firm push. It seems really solid. I didn't even put in these little soft plastic "pills" they give you for between the hood and Bugflector.
    I'll run it later this week and see if I need to put the "pills" in, and what the noise is like. I'm still in breakin though, so won't be going normal speed.
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    Hey Tom does that bugflector 2 sit away from the hood, or does it need to be removed to clean? Any noise yet? Anyone have a Lund Interceptor ? If so how is it working out?
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    It hugs the front hood contour pretty closely. I'd have a hardtime getting in there to clean it, but then again it should only get loose stuff on it that rolls down, no 65mph impacted dirt and bugs.
    I drove the truck today for the first time on the highway with it, no whistle or noise at all. It also sits low enough that it's 99% out of sight.
    Unless you're buying mailorder, just get it, hold it up, and see what you think. It shouldn't be a part that's a hassle to return.
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    Does anyone have an EGR deflector on their Silverado? How do they look? Any windshield noise? How did they install? I have a shop that's recommending them & am curious to hear from people that have them.
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    Anyone else,

    Any satisfied Silverado drivers with a bug shield (other than GM’s) who found easy installation, great looks with truck’s contour, and good performance (no noise without taping / sealing, wipers stay put, no bugs on windshield etc.) and what sold you on your choice. Please tell pros and cons of your choice and include price.

    Have been considering purchasing a clear one that allows the backside to be painted to match the trucks colors. Has anyone done this process and how easy was it. Did it weather well and look good? Thanks in advance.

    Tony -99 LT EXT Cab Indigo Blue Z 71

  • moudry1moudry1 Member Posts: 61
    Anyone have this one? If so, how did it fare?
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    Lund Interceptor comes with 5 screws to mount in existing holes in hood. Took 4-5 minutes to install. Had it for 3000 miles with no problems. Took truck up to 85 mph. Sits far enough away from hood to slide fingers in to clean backside of deflector and hood. I have a '00 Silverado.
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    Thanks for that. Have you experianced any road noise? I will also be mounting this on a 00' silverado. What island do you live on?
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    My 17 yr old son installed our bugflector II , took him 15 minutes. We were offered the EGR , and in fact took it home, but after opening , opted to return it- BUGFLECTOR looked higher quality, darker tint, and better all around. paid 50 bucks - no wind noise, no problems - also have bedliner in, nice heavy rubber (lothridge? ) sits and fits perfect. Held off doing the tailgate , didn't want to screw it on. Ended up flattening the thing w/weights for a week, then using 2-sided 1" wide tape all over the tailgate, and installed the bed liner on the gate. used weight and dough roller to ensure stick- so far, so good, and I didn't have to drill! Next mud flaps (or splash guards as I hear they are called!) , and window deflectors-
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    I bought a Bugflector II and returned it after a week. I was getting some vibration at interstate speeds - usually from 70-75 mph. It took a couple of days for the vibration to show up, and it didn't always happen, but I haven't heard anything since the Bugflector was removed several days ago.

    I also noticed that the Bugflector didn't deflect any bugs from my windshield. It did protect the front of my hood, but I really want a bug deflector that works. I think that the Bugflector II just sat too low on the hood to properly deflect the airstream.
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    Sorry about the late post. I've been busy with my dealer's service department. To be honest, I don't believe that there is any noise generated from the Lund. But then again, I probably couldn't hear it over the wind noise in my cab from the rear windows and the tire noise from those cheap Generals. Returned a '99 for a '00. Something is telling me I should have bought a Tundra......
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    Just a note on the wind noise I have a 2000 and I have had a lot of wind noise that I thought was from the back side window [r] but when I had my sister in law hold in on the latch it diden't help so I used mask tape and taped all around the doors and took 1 piece off at a time it turned out it is the rubber seal between the two doors.
    ordered a new seal new pt.# so they know they have a problem will install tues but you might check that out it was at the top in corner
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    Now that you mentioned it, the wind noise does sound like it's coming from the whole door and not just the window. I know it's the window for sure...but could also be the door seals too. I'll check it out this weekend before seeing Mr. Service Manager on Monday. Thanks for the info.
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    ... I believe is to protect the leading edge of your hood ... from bugs, and small stones. Based on their angle a stone should be deflected up over the windshield.
    Now if you think they're going to keep bugs off your windshield ... how high do you think this bug deflector needs to be?? What about the bugs that are flying downward??
  • jerobbinsjerobbins Member Posts: 48
    I don't expect it to deflect all the bugs. Bugs that are coming from above or large bugs that can "blast" through the deflected air will get through. However, it doesn't appear to deflect bugs away from the windshield any better than the hood alone does.

    It does stop bugs and small stones from hitting the front edge of the hood. However, it's supposed to do more than that.

    Since the BugFlector can't deflect small bugs from my windshield I seriously doubt it will do anything to a stone that doesn't actually hit the deflector. Given the vertical surface area of the windshield compared to the vertical surface area of the leading edge of the hood, I expect that a rock is likelier to hit the windshield than the front of the hood. I don't think that the BugFlector II would stop it.
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    I have a Lund shield on my new 2000 Silverado. Love it. Low profile, hardly visible from the driver's seat (and at 6'5" I don't miss much).

    $60 installed. No sticky tape or fussing - 5 screws that hold it in place. Very sturdy.

    Would definitely recommend it.
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    Has anyone with a Lund bug deflector taken your truck to 70-80 mph. I had a VentVisor deflector and after it was on for several days I began to notice an occasional vibration on the windshield. It appears to be the same molding vibration that has been mentioned before. I haven't heard it again since I took the VentVisor off.

    Also, can you tell if the bug deflector actually deflects bugs from your windshield. The VentVisor did deflect some from the hood, mostly by catching them on the visor itself. However, it didn't seem to make a difference in the number of bugs that hit the windshield.
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    was taken up to 85 on my truck with no noise. I'm not sure how much of the bugs get deflected as some may come from above the deflector. What I do know is that there are no chips or dings from rocks, pebbles from the vehicle in front of me. I do have a tendency to tailgate slower vehicles on the freeway and the deflector adds to the security of not sustaining any damage from doing so.
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    I went with the new Lund x-terminator. No noise so far and has a low profile yet far enough from the hood for cleaning. Looks good.
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    Do hood deflectors work? I want to know if they will keep the bugs off most of the windshield? I want to know if it's worth purchasing? Side window deflectors, are they worth getting? Any opinions from someone who has a '99/'00 Sierra/Silverado would be very appreciated!
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    some off brand...Image??>..or something like that.

    I had a Lund that was supposed to be here...and had to get one at the last minute. The local place around the corner slapped it on. Fits great..works great...Looks great..and makes no noise. went 80 for about 800 miles...no wind noise. Plenty of space to clean too.

    First picture sux....but you get the idea.



    Good Luck

    - Tim
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    It's Lexan

    - Tim
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    You will still have bugs on the windshield, but they save the hood from those nasty dings. Yes, get one. Window flairs? Never used those, they look cool but unless you smoke why would you need the windows down when it rains? I would think they could create wind noise as well.
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    The window deflectors have several adavantages. Yes, they are handy if you smoke. They also come in handy if you want to "crack" your windows for ventilation while parked, if there is a chance of rain later in the day. As for wind noise, I found that they actually cut down on wind noise at highway speeds. They also provide an extra inch or two of protection from the sun to eliminate premature fading. If you haven't guessed by now, I lik'em! It's usually one of the first add-ons I install.
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    I have a '99 Sierra, a Lund bug shield and a problem. My driver's mirror vibrates considerably at 30 or more mph. The dealer said it was due to the bug shield. Not believing him, I took it off and actually the vibrations were minimized! I haven't decided to keep it on or not. I like the shield, but the mirror vibrations are very irritating, especially at night.
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    just today got my Lund bug deflector, I haven't noticed any vibrations, but I didn't look at the mirrors, I only turned down the radio and listened to hear if there were any whistles or whatnot

    I hope that this doesn't happen to mine that same as yours....
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    I've been told by a couple of truck customizers that vibration in the mirrors is normal at certain speeds. My '00 Silverado mirrors had a very irritating whistle at 25mph and over. Bug shield changed the airflow and mirrors no longer whistle. Of course the rubber winshield trim started to flap, but 2 sided sticky tape is a well known cure for that.
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    Installed one on my '99 Silverado a week ago, and no problems at all. No Vibrations...no noise... nothing. Looks great too. I'd recommend the Interceptor to anyone. Installed easily in just a couple of minutes.
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    I've had a Lund Interceptor on my Silverado for about a month with very few problems. I have (very) occasionally noticed a small amount of buzzing from the front windshield; this is probably the infamous rubber trim flapping. However, it happens much less often than with a BugFlector II and it is much quieter when it does happen.

    Like the Bugflector II, the Interceptor doesn't do much for protecting the windshield. It's main purpose is to protect the hood from bugs, sand, and small stones. However, the dealer who installed it said up front that it wouldn't do anything for the windshield.

    My Interceptor installed in the factory deflector holes by screwing into square plastic inserts. It is removable without any damage to the hood.
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    What brand of window deflectors are you using, and how much are they?

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