About stabilitrack light traction control and abs

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Hi I have had my 08 chevy Impala ss for 2 years now it has 79000 miles on it and ever since i have owned it the stabilitrack light would come on every week or so or when I would make a sharp left turn in reverse. I got it checked out at autozone they told me it was a misfire in clyandar 6 I put 8 new spark plugs in and it went away for a while but I'm guessin that wasn't the problem since it's back now and the plugs haven't been in that long. Now the stabilitrack,abs,and service traction control it's lit up on dash. And also the car really eats up oil . In the past I would step on the gas hard and see a cloud of smoke behind me but it hasn't done that in a while . I just changed the oil I'll check it in a week or so to see if any has been consumed . Oh and my dealer wouldn't check out the oil problem ive asked them 2 times and all they said was it could be this but never worked on it I'm guessing because it was still under Warrenty and they wouldn't make money on it .


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    For the stabilitrack/TC/ABS issue if you currently don't have any other things going on like messages or Ceck engine light, it may very well be an issue with wheel speed sensor or wiring/connection to them. Larger troubles my be with oil usage.
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