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How to Choose the Right Axle Ratio for Your Pickup Truck | Posts: 10,037
edited October 2017 in Editorial
How to Choose the Right Axle Ratio for Your Pickup Truck |

If you're buying a pickup and you plan on towing or hauling heavy loads, here's how to choose the right axle ratio.

Read the full story here


  • unomavunomav Posts: 1
    Thanks for the helpful info on axle ratios.
  • jpost105jpost105 Posts: 1
    Great article Thanks for the education.
  • Very informative.
  • the drive-axle ratio is a comparison of the number of gear teeth on the ring gear of the rear axle and the pinion gear on the driveshaft. For example, a 4.11:1 ratio means there are 4.11 teeth on the axle's ring gear for each tooth on the driveshaft's pinion gear, not the turns of the drive shaft to turns of the wheel as stated above
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,926
    edited October 2017
    @ottolt96 Ah, no. That's not how it works and the article is correct. Here is another explanation that goes a little deeper into the subject.

    From the linked article....

    When you hear people refer to numbers like 3.08, 3.73, or 4.10, they’re talking about the ratio of the ring-and-pinion gears in the rear axle—hence, the numbers are more accurately 3.08:1, 3.73:1, or 4.10:1. The ratio is the number of teeth on the driven gear (ring) divided by the number of teeth on the drive gear (pinion). So, if the ring gear has 37 teeth and the pinion has 9 teeth, the ratio is 4.11:1. That also means that for every one turn of the ring gear, the pinion will turn 4.11 times.

  • rcbisymanrcbisyman MichiganPosts: 1
    So if I want to tow something that is 12,000 GCWR I should have 4.10 axle ratio towing long distances on a highway
  • @rcbisyman I'm pretty sure that will depend on what truck you have too. 12k will be very easy for a ford f-350 with a 3.55 axel but might not be that easy for a f-250. So you need to take that in consideration.
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