Constantly replacing low beam bulbs

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I have a 2006 Buick LaCrosse CX. Purchased in 2012 with has 86K, runs and drives like a brand new one. Every few months I have to replace one of the low beam bulbs. I found out there is a headlight driving module recall, but of course nothing going on in terms of a fix. In searching the web, I see headlight issues with this car. Should I wait to have this replaced by the dealer? The recall was initiated last November. Prior to this, I had a 2002 Impala, purchased in 2004, kept until trading for the Buick. Put over 100K on the Impala, never replaced a single bulb, so this is quite frustrating. I appreciate any help, thanks!


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    I know nothing about the recall, but assuming these are regular halogen bulbs are they being replaced with brighter (but shorter life) bulbs? I believe there is suggestion to replace both when one goes out which may or may not matter.
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    Hi Ray. Initially I replaced both with regular halogens...then the driver's side went. Replaced both with silverstars....passenger side popped. Did both with regular again...same.
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    Hhmm Don't have any other easy thoughts, assuming its not because the glass in bulbs was contacted with bare skin during installation
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    Appreciate the feedback, Ray...take care.
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    Have this happen to me on a couple older cars. Found the issue to be a bad ground. Hope this helps.
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    I had a low beam light changed in my 2008 lacrosse the bill was over $250. The dealer told me they had to disassemble the bumper cover, then told me it needed $1500 for suspension bushings. NO NO I will junk this car before it bring it back to this dealer.
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