Remote start questions (OEM or aftermarket?)

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I am finalizing our order for a 2015 Highlander AWD Limited Platinum, and I have some questions about the remote start.

The OEM remote start is fairly spendy ($499 MSRP), and the dealer is claiming they are terrible (due to price, and limited range) and is pushing me to an aftermarket starter.

The aftermarket starter is about the same price, but has a much longer range -- But, it has the unpleasant side effect of shutting off the engine when you unlock the doors.

After some reading, it seems the OEM remote start does the same thing. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, the OEM remote start says it can turn on the heater/AC to a preset level. Does anyone know if an aftermarket remote can do the same?

Please advise... thanks for your help...


  • cromagnum_mancromagnum_man Member Posts: 54
    I can confirm that the factory remote start will also shut off the engine as soon as you open the door and I have heard many reports of short range. It sounds to me like aftermarket systems shut the engine off as well unless you use one that hides a keyfob in the vehicle somewhere. I'm not sure how that all works though.
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    I leased a 2012 Highlander with OEM remote starter. IT SUCKS, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Luckily, it was free. I made a deal for the car I wanted and the dealer found one, but it came with remote starter. Since the deal was already made, he had no choice but to honor it.

    As for the starter... it's garbage. The range sucks, it shuts down after about 10 minutes (the car doesn't warm up enough), and worst of all, in order to get in the car, to open the doors, the things shuts off.

    I had an aftermarket one a few years ago. It allowed the car to stay on the whole time, I would open the door with remote, get in, and put the key into the ignition and press of the brake and turn the key in the ignition, and go. I don't remember the brand.
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