Tacoma Front Disc Brake Squeal

tacomaguytacomaguy Member Posts: 41
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I own an '05 Prerunner with 56k miles. Had the front pads replaced and turned the rotors last Spring.
Now, after sitting for awhile, as I back up the front brakes squeal.
(Sounds like a rock in a caliper its so loud.)

Toyota has a TSB to fix this.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    You aren't putting many miles on the Prerunner - surprised they don't grind like mad when you drive it going forward until the rust wears off.

    What's the fix?
  • tacomaguytacomaguy Member Posts: 41
    Turns out there is a TSB for this fix. Dealer won't bring it up unless you complain about the noise when backing.
    I am out of warranty but I had the dealer fix the problem anyway and now no noise.
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