Subaru Considering Dumping 6 Cylinder Engines.

exchngcarinfoexchngcarinfo Member Posts: 12
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Read this...

If you love 6 cylinder Subaru's then write, fax, call, smoke signal, message-in-a-bottle Subaru in America, Japan, Canada, wherever you are and tell them, "Don't take my 6 cylinder away!"

Squeaky wheels get grease.


  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILMember Posts: 694
    They also may have found that the six gets better fuel economy than the 2.0 turbo in real world use so they have no quick solution for more power along with adequate economy. My Forester XT is either moderately frugal or very thirsty depending on throttle application. Unless they develop a low boost turbo that is specifically designed for cheaper 87 octane, the six probably costs less per mile.
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