Different Oil Filters: 4.0L V6 SOHC in Explorer & Ranger

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I have a 2000 Explorer & 2001 Ranger both are 4X4s and have the same engine & transmission.
Neither have an oil cooler. The filters mount in the same location and at the same angle, and yet they require an FL1A & FL820S respectively.
I asked the dealership and Ford's Customer Service Center and neither knew the answer nor wanted to pursue it any further.
Is there anyone out there who knows???


  • gregb882gregb882 Member Posts: 75
    No, But as the owner of a 2002 Explorer with the 4.0 engine (uses the FL820S), I'd like to know, too.
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    You might check and see if the clearances during chassis and engine motion prevent the Explorer from using the big filter that is used on the Ranger. I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer Premiere (and I love it!) with the 4.6L V8. It uses the smaller filter as well.
  • ppbcebppbceb Member Posts: 7
    The FL1A & FL820S are the SAME size on the Explorer & Ranger.
    Also, does anybody know who manufactures Motorcraft oil filters... Purolator, Fram???
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    The FL1A is the common oil filter found on most fords. I don't know anything about the 820S, but I would venture to guess that they have either different threading distance or gauge, and maybe a different size o-ring seal. The difference would have to very small...
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    You can't put the wrong one on your vehicle even if you wanted to. The thread size between the FL1A and FL820 are different. They are made by Purolator, similar to the Purolator Premium line. I'd use the one your owners manual calls for.
  • fleetwoodsimcafleetwoodsimca Member Posts: 1,518
    As this has gotten somewhat confusing, and therefore more interesting (:o] I stepped to the garage and confirmed your points. The thread holes are visibly different between the two filters discussed. You are so right! My V6 1999 Ranger uses the NAPA 21515 and my V8 Mountaineer uses the Supertech ST2. I would be off topic here, except I think these two filters are the same as the two actually under discussion for other vehicles/years.
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    You're so right on target! I went down to the parts store and looked at both filters(Purolator's) and the threading IS different even though they are the same size. My problem question wasn't worrying about putting on the wrong one as they are idiot proof. My question is does anybody know why Ford engineers decided to make a different on for the same 4.0L V6 SOHC engine???
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    Made by Purolator I believe
  • swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    maybe it was clearances in the engine compartment, maybe source country issues (some sort of european metric now! initiative or some such), maybe somebody was just pushing to get the volume up on the new filter part number.

    or maybe it was time to make an unwarranted manufacturing change to confuse everybody.

    all have been valid reasons for running changes in the past :(
  • fleetwoodsimcafleetwoodsimca Member Posts: 1,518
    ...sure seems that way. Now I'm looking at the bigger threaded hole in my S2 filter by Supertech for my 4.6L V8 in my Mountaineer. Why would FOMOCO move away from the almost ubiquitous thread hole of the big old "PH8A" and "PH16" type filters? I'm about out of space on my filter shelf, but I can add this new size.
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    so of course it is good and we must all be thrilled.
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    I have two seperate filters that fit in my truck. One is about 1.5" longer than the other and they have the same tread. The difference is that one has a backpressure gasket thingy, and the other doesn't(shorter one) unfortunately, GM dealer says the larger one w/ backpressure gasket is best, but everyone (fram books, autoparts store, etc) only list the small one... errggh.
  • swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    Gm pulled that trick on me and my 76 skylark 231-V6 a year after I bought it. recognize the signs... they are pushing the small filter and will disco the large one as an unproductive stock number. buy your spares now for the larger filter area
  • tljamtljam Member Posts: 3
    My 97 Sport 4x4 with 4.0L SOHC has an unusual idle. It seems to vary between 500 and 1000 rpm on a constant cycle. I think I read a note about another idle problem report related to a lower intake gasket recall along with a belt idler replacement. Was that one related to the SOHC? My other possibility is an AC compressor. My AC has stopped working and when selected the idle variation is more pronoumced. I will get the AC checked out soon.
  • tljamtljam Member Posts: 3
    I have read a lot of writeups about poor rides on Explorers. I have had some experiances on certain roads that have left me wondering about a shock change. When I load this vehicle up it runs smoother on the highway than empty. I noticed that my rear springs have been cut down to one leaf and the rest are spacers. I also have Bridgestone Duelers 255-70-16 tires/wheels. Does this vehecle ride better with 235-75-15 tires? I do a lot of rode work and would like to improve the ride.
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