2000 Silverado Dealer Installed Options

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Anyone installed dealer installed options at time
of delivery of 2000 Silverado? What did they cost?
Were they negotiated? Where are they listed on
the internet sites?



  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157

    You mean Like Nerf Bars and Brush guards? I hear that most of GM Tube products are junk with not very good finishes.

    Other products are OK....just overpriced though.
    Some are good.

    - Tim
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    I just priced a pair of black plastic rail caps at the dealer - over $200! Yikes, that's more than double the aftermarket price.
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    My dealer wants to sell me a bedliner for something like $280. I called around and found a place that installs the factory brand (forget what he said it was) for $169 or $179.
    The reason there are so many PepBoy stores and mailorder (Now Internet) autoparts, is that dealers still try and soak you. They don't care about selling many. They sell 1 of something and make as much money as Pepboys selling 5 of them.
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    My friend and I have had the color matched running boards for our 1999 Silverado's on order now since January when they were in the brochure. However, as of yesterday they are still back ordered for what the factory says is a lack of parts? The price we were quoed is close to what we would pay for aftermarket painted ones (within $100) but we felt the factory ones would have better mounting hardware than some of the aftermarket ones we have seen. I think it's like anything else, be a smart consumer and check out your options before you buy. And yes some, if not a majority of dealers, still think they are the only game in town, it's to bad too because I think they would actually see more profit if they priced accordingly. When I worked at a Dodge dealer the standard was 100% uplift at minimum, regardless of the product e.g. if it cost you $10.00 you sold it for a minimum of $20.00, cost $50.00 it sold for $100.00. I didn't than and don't now agree with this pricing strategy, I think if you ask a fair price you will get more customers and thus more profit than if you only sold only 1 item.
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    Hope you don't mind me jumping in here and puting my 2cents worth in. I just got a 2000 silverado and my wife had trouble getting in and I bought the Lund fiberglass boards and had them painted I feel the mts are good as I am 230# and they don't give when I am on them and they mt. fairly easy I put mine on my self [with help from the pretty one] I kind of feel that they could put a tie between the three mts but haven't had any trouble as yet. only on a couple weeks though.
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    I too have had the GM running boards ordered for
    a long time now.. Actually mine were ordered in
    late March 99. I'v contacted GM Service Parts
    several times now, and each time I get another release date. These dates come and go and the boards never show up. For what it's worth, last contact with GM Service Parts said the boards
    would be ready end of OCT. Not sure what year though. They do have a fiberglass set available now, which I didn't like. The Fiberglass boards just became available recently.
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    I got the GM bedline and soft tonneau cover installed on my '99 LT and time of delivery. I paid $450 the two of them..the cover does not use snaps, as it seals with the "zip-lock" type insert.

    Anyone had luck with side steps? I just heard Westin's were crap....I was thinking Manik, but Edmunds had problems with them on their Ranger. Prefer metal or plastic...don't want fiberglass.

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    I have ordered Warn 4X Steps. They are steel coated with urethane and mount to the frame. They should be in next week. I don't like the look of the nerf bars and I hate the idea of drilling holes into the body for running boards as I leave in Ontario Canada. They salt the roads to excess up here in the winter time and I don't want to give rust a chance.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Try the GORHINO steps go to http://www.gorhino.com they have some nice stuff thats where im getting my grill guard, nerf bars, and bedliner put in at. Hope this helps

  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    I put Go-rino step bars on my X-cab 4x4 5 months ago -I went with black - my truck is pewter - did not think chrome would look as good. I am happy with them - carry out price was $149.00 which seemed good to me and I actually liked putting them on myself. At least I know it was done right. I put a little grease between the mount and the frame to avoid any squeeks.

    The only thing that seems kind of chicken [non-permissible content removed] is the warranty . It said they were covered for 1 year against rust if you waxed them every week.. otherwise the warranty was void. Can you see someone laying on their back waxing their step bars every weekend. Give me a break - I have not waxed them yet and see no rust.
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    Brand loyalty is one thing but how long do you let GM keep putting you off on dealer installed gm after market parts.

    Give GM the boot and go to your quality after market parts suppliers such as Auto Zone, Pep Boys etc. GM might wake up if enough people do this but don't bet the ranch on it.
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    ...at least Chrome parts...

    Bed liners and bug guards are ok...But nefr bars..roll bars...bed rails..etc..have the worst chrome finish you have ever seen...at a price you will never be able to forget!

    What a ripp off

    Go with better name after market parts

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    NERF bars...
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    I had a headache rack built for my truck and purchased a grill at the same time. The place custom painted both to match the dark grey. Added an aluminum Rosen Koneg tool box and I was all set. The rack and guard each cost $150 +/- each. The paint was another $100. Don't ask what the tool box cost. I wanted the bigest they had, and got it. Oak
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