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Toyota Highlander DVD

jhk76jhk76 Member Posts: 12
edited January 2015 in Toyota
We got our HL this past Friday. It "supposedly" came from the factory with dual DVDs on headrest. They are invision systems. Upon messing with the DVD players I have realized they can't be controlled up front or played through the speakers. I asked the day we got the car if they were factory installed and he said yes.

I am pretty sure if they were factory installed that they would have those capabilities, correct? I am going to question him again. What is my recourse, if any?

Thanks in advance


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    dlseekdlseek Member Posts: 22
    For the 2015 HL, I don't see any options or configurations from the Toyota factory that have video screens in the headrest.

    Do you have the window sticker? It should specifically list every single option that was installed by the factory and its corresponding MSRP. What does it say for the DVD player?
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