Chevrolet Impala: What Changes You Would Like To See?

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Lookie, a new area! Wanna start the old V-8 RWD Impala rumor mill again?


  • I heard that Cher is pregnant with Richard Gere's love child. Oh. Is this rumor mill only for Impalas?
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    Latest rumour is that the next Impala will have at least 4.8 V8 option....possible 2 door (SS) super sport......and the latest from edmunds that rear wheel drive might still be in the prospectus on the 2006 Impala:.....look for much improved interior appointments, 18" wheels option, 6 speed manual transmission option.and 5 speed automatic... I hope!!......
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    They already have a 2 door Impala! It's called a Monte Carlo! A V8 would be nice,though.
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    I was disappointed when I caught my first glimpse of the redesigned Impala for '06. While I wouldn't call the car ugly or anything, it has lost is subtle retro look, which is why I purchased my '02 Impala LS in the first place. As all you Impala owners know by heart, the 2000-05 had a very distinctive look to them---particularly the rear tail lights and front headlights and grill. You immediately knew the car in front or behind you was an Impala. To me, the newest generation of Impalas look like all the rest of the pack, at least with regard to the headlights and tailights. Very un-inspiring, in my opinion.

    While I know that car manufacturers have to make changes every so many years---and after five years it was time for Chevy to make a change to their Impala line---it just seems to me that they should have continued to inculcate that retro look in the new models. I mean if I wanted a Toyota Camry or a Ford 500 I would have bought of those cars instead!

    Ok, ok, enough of my whining and moaning over here. How do y'all feel about the Impala facelift for '06? :(
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    Personally, I like it. I currently own a 2001 Impala LS and have been looking forward to the new facelift. When I saw it on the turntable at the LA Auto Show last January I was pleased with what I saw.

    Now that th enew Implalas are hitting the showrooms, and having driven a '06 LTZ, I can honestly say it's a better car in most respects. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new '06 SS Impala. If I like it, I'll prbably buy it on the spot.

    Over the last few months I have drvien everything, ie: Maxima's, the new Avalon, A Passat, an A4 and A6, a 3 Series BMW, a Lincoln LS, an X Type Jag, and others in this class. If the new SS has any punch, it will be (in my opinion) the best value in it's class.

    Sure there are better cars out there, but the new Impala seems to be striking the balance I am looking for.
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    What's the difference between this and the 2006 Impala thread? Why not freeze it?
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    I'm looking for the section on the site that lists the Parlimentary By Laws of particpating in a public chat forum. I thought this chat thread was called: "Chevy Impala Owners - Future Models."

    Since I own a 2001 Impala and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new 2006 Impala, I thought my particpation was relevant.

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    This is a permanent topic that resides in the owners clubs. Once the 2006 model is released, that topic in FV will either be moved or closed.
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    I got the 2006 impala ss and i think this is the greatest car chevy has made. It is very powerful with a nice design inside and out. Everytime i drive this car i always get attention outside from people. The only thing i wish it had is a navigation system which i think it should have had since its a ss model. If you dont have one get one because it really is a different whole new animal. :):)
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    We should be able to get a nav system that can be attached (rubber cup) to the dash or other convenient portable. I think a built-in nav system is a waste of space and dollars. People I have seen using them don't watch the road. With a portable one can get familiar with them out side of the car.
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    Thinking about the Impala SS, how are folks liking it? Does it get close to EPA mileage estimates?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Along with turning on the heater/defroster with the remote start, the car should also turn on the heated seats and rear defroster, in cold weather starts, of course.
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    Chevrolet needs to get its act together. The hundreds of potential if not thousands or tens of thousands potential SS buyers that will be buying a 2 door GT mustang, a 2 door challengers is mind boggling. Chevy labels the SS in a four door famil sedan. You can put a sideways hemi in it who cares...give us a 30-400 horsepower, 2 door FWD IMPALA, or keep the SS Monte Carlo depsite the pressure NASCAR has in utilizing the IMPALA name plate in 08...I wouildn't be caught driving a 4 door car with a SS lable if you bought me one. get with it chevy or my 30K will be in a GT Stang or Challenger next purchase.
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    The Monte Carlo will likely die again but for those who MUST have a two door, the Camaro will be back and better than ever. That, along with the new Holden-based RWD Impala should make for some good times coming up in the near future. Maybe a new sport coupe war is what the Big 2 1/2 need to get the American public back into their showrooms. But, I don't think that simply looking back to the 60s & 70s will work. Along with good old fashioned RWD and HP, there will need to be some new, state of the art offerings to go along with it...and no, corn ethanol flex fuel isn't going to do it.

    But, for what it's worth, I hate to see the Monte Carlo go. Lots of us love it but when Chevy refuses to update it, they can't expect it to keep selling.
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    Where are those pics from of the Impala SS in a middel eastern country? That car looks preety sick. They should sell that car over hear in the US>

    They should make a coupe and four door
    Give it the option of AWD
    Shiftable Automatic
    Xeon lights
    Over 400HP
    mb a convertible
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    I say fit the Chevrolet Impala with a big block engine as in "409" so that it would be at least just as fast in the 1/4 mile as any previous stock Impala - or a small block if it could do the same thing. But no turbo charging (for those purists)..
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    -ABS/traction control comes standard for all models.
    -Better tires up in the Northeast (Goodyear Integrity are stock) because of snow driving.
    -paddle shifters or at least a 5-speed stick
    -options for HID lights (Not sure they have them available)
    Stock GM lights are horrendous.
    -25-30 mpg in city driving but still have over 200hp. Like all the imports do all ready.
    -That GM QA\QCs their work better
    -That GM uses quality parts instead of the cheapest parts they can find
    -That GM stands behind the cars they build instead of trying to stick it to you when we have problems.
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    I have a 2006 SS and and just went on two trips from Evansville IN to Chicago about 600 miles round trip and averaged 26.5 and 25.5. Not bad I don't think. But I live in semi rural area and daily driving about 14-16 mpg with $3 gas it does have some impact.
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    Superstan ..."I wouildn't be caught driving a 4 door car with a SS"You are living in the past. Other News: Chevy says the replacement Impala will have FWD>
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    I was a "Chevy Guy" for 40 years, till the horsepower started going away. My last Chevy was a '95 Monte Carlo-loaded, very nice car.
    In Nov.2004, I saw a Chrysler 300C HEMI..4 dr Muscle Car..Wow..I sold my Monte, bought the 300C; looks & HP. Chevy didn't have anything at the time that would do what this car would do. I have since traded the '04 300C for a '06 SRT8- 425 HP,400TQ-Silver Steel, Loaded..OK..My Point is..I want MY CHEVY MUSCLE CAR BACK ! I'd love to see a new Impala 2 dr or 4 dr, with a 400-450 HP small block ( a big block will do if need be ) 5 speed automatic , and 5 speed manual available. Decent suspension, throaty exhaust, wide tires, and a agressive look. Chevy needs to wake up, there are so many of us still wanting the Horsepower, the feel of "POWER", that
    power that we "Guys" love to talk about. Chevy's new Camaro can't give everything I want in a new car, I do like the Camaro style a lot, but I need more room, being a bit older I like the 4 dr thing ( my friends can get in & out easier ). I want the style of a BIG CAR..the Luxury I deserve, and the Horsepower I crave. If Cadillac can make a 550HP Luxury Sedan, why can't Chevy do a similar car ? I've sent letters, email, etc. to responses though. Looks like the Camaro will be going against the Mustang, the NEW Dodge Challenger ( basic engine 425HP), and the "Muscle Car" sedans of Chrysler and Cadillac. I just hate to see Chevy falling to the bottom of the "Returning Muscle Car Era"..They should be on top, as they were for many years. I'll get down from my soapbox, and out of the way. I'll be hoping , and waiting for that Bad [non-permissible content removed] Impala Muscle it SSS="Super Sport Stinger".
    Take Care,
    Stan aka Lik2race
    Bad Toyz Inc.
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