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Toyota Entune going berserk

downshift1downshift1 Member Posts: 7
edited January 2015 in Toyota
Is everyone struggling with the Entune audio system in new toyotas?
Older audio system with touch screen was soso but at least predictable, you can load up music in folders and just choose folder to play.

The new one ignores folders, and uses ID3 tags if I understand correctly.

1-I loaded up my mp3 music on USB and tagged properly,
2-I click Genre, in order to have a long list of songs, and it shows a list of maybe 300 songs
3-click all albums
4-click All songs
5-click Random
6-it starts playing a song, but after a very short while the same song comes back, again and again, and the list becomes very short, like 5-10 songs. so I have to start from scratch.

I cant figure out why it keeps playing the same song or the same album over and over, random function should choose from 300 songs.

Anyone here figured out the proper method?
I tried to tag with ID3 v1 and v2
I tried adding songs to a M3U playlist. but I dont see an option on the touch screen for a playlist.

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