Does anyone else find the front passenger seat of their 2014-2015 Highlander XLE uncomfortable?

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We just purchased a 2015 Highlander XLE. We really like the car except for the fact that the front passenger seat bothers both of our backs after sitting in it for more than 45 minutes (the driver's seat is very comfortable.) Something about the curve of the passenger seat I guess. Our last car had leather sport style seats and even though they were quite firm they were still comfortable. My husband is just under 6 foot and I am 5 foot 5 inches so I don't think it's a height thing. Sitting in the seat for a short ride is absolutely fine but we make frequent 4 hour trips so this is an issue for us. Is anyone else having this problem?

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  • lbowdislbowdis Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Stever for responding so quickly. I have already had the dealer look at it and it is as it should be. The driver's seat has many adjustment options one being lumbar support. I have never used this feature in past cars even though they had it. I never needed to but this passenger seat could use something. The mechanics manager at the dealership was very nice and sympathetic. He said if enough people have the same problem Toyota would likely step up with a redesign like Lexus did with the same issue (his words not mine. I don't know anything about Lexus issues.) So that's why I'm asking if it's just us or what? I'm not expecting much to come of this but you never know, maybe lots of people have the same issue and think it's just them.
  • lbowdislbowdis Member Posts: 3
    Thanks I'll try that.
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    Hi lbowdis, please update if you get more information from others or from dealer/toyota. We are interested in this vehicle and currently it's our top of the list. Can the 3rd row seating fit adults ?
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    I have a 2014 Highlander XLE AWD and my wife found the front seats a little uncomfortable at first because of the headrests which are tilted so far forward that they pushed her head down. It took her a while to find a comfortable adjustment where her head wasn't being forced forward. One option was to turn the headrests around which gave plenty of room but then you lose all safety aspects.

    The third row seating is tight for full grown adults and is best used for short trips. Kids fit back there fine but I wouldn't ask them to sit there for a trip across country.
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