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2010 Prius - Brake light with rapid beeping.

naushinaushi Member Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in Toyota
Car came out of the car wash and when I turned it on it started to beep rapidly and brake light came on. I moved the car but brakes were not working. I had to get the car towed. Any one has any clue what happened. first time I ever encountered the problem.


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    eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    edited January 2015
    prius brake system may be more susceptible to malfunctioning wheel speed sensor than cars without regen-braking. i do not know prius specific wheel speed sensor design, maybe it somehow avoids the issues typical in most every other make/model... on non-prius, these wheel-speed-sensors are not overly expensive, but can fail very intermittently. In any case, if you have some time to chill, let vehicle thoroughly dry out and/or melt first, then retry it. And hope that some ECM/computer didn't get cooked via short due to hot/then-immediately-freezing water near/in some wiring.
    (I too re-learned recently via frozen door-latching-cams that a carwash anywhere near arctic weather is asking for trouble...)
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