Focus ZX5 vs. Pontiac Vibe vs. Taurus/Sable

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Well,Folks.I've been narrowing my choices for a new car purchase.So,I need imput from all of you out here,who can "steer" me into which direction to go.......experiences,etc.


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    You MUST try a Protege ES! If you like driving, it's as good as the Focus in twisties, but more reliable...(a safer choice - no NHTSA investigations and the like).

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    sable/taurus a competitor here? It is a full size station wagon - the others are hatches, or did you mean focus wagon instead of ZX5?

    Vibe is the smallest, has 0% financing. ZX5 is a little bigger, more sporty hard handling. Focus wagon is even bigger, and less sporty suspension.

    Taurus/sable is in no way sporty at all!! And it is the biggest inside by far.

    i don't think Ford has 0% on these models.

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    Hi nippononly- The Taurus/Sable is also available as a sedan; perhaps moondawg is considering that. The Taurus/Sable wagon version is considered to be mid-size. The Pontiac Vibe is also classified as a wagon in Edmunds New Vehicle Guide. ;-)

    To moondawg- I think it would help if people here knew what trim levels you were considering. You'd mentioned in another discussion you were looking at the Focus ZX5; let me know if you'd like me edit that into the title here. Taurus/Sable wagon or sedan? The more information people have, the more feedback they can offer....

    In addition to the feedback here, you may also want to plug these vehicles into Edmunds' Side-by-side Vehicle Comparison. For future reference, look for this tool in the Helpful Links on the left side of the page. Good luck.

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    nippononly......revka is correct.I'm also looking at the T/S direction as well.I know that they're no true competion,in a comparison sort of way.It's where my mind is at right now.
    revka....if you need to hone this topic down,feel free......Thanks,moondawg
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    When I was looking for a new vehicle, every couple of days I would be talking about a different vehicle, and not many of them had anything in common...but that is what is so attractive about the townhall.

    I purchased a Focus ZX3 and it is great for my and my wifes needs and the ZX5 would be great when we add to our family. There is great room upfront, even for big guys like myself, it is adjustable to fit my wife, the cargo room is plentiful for camping and shopping. The only thing that I would add to my car would be the 2 extra doors.

    My father was a salesman for Ford for 12 years and demoed many Tarui over the years. I had the occasion to drive them while I worked at the Ford dealer and when he would demo one and they were great. I rented a Taurus in July of 2001 and was left even more impressed with the power and the comfort. Plus the prices are nice.

    Have you thought about a Saturn L Series, they offer great standard features (even though GM dumped the ABS and traction control for 2003, but there may be some 2002s still out there)

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    We need your feedback, too. As buyers - it looks like a Toyota is a 3-4 month wait here in Ontario. So, Vibe it may be. Toyota dealer is happy to take deposit, then see you next March (Full list, of course) Pontiac dealer says no problem, we'll have that automatic base Vibe ready to drive and they did. But wife's not happy with Vibe's front end looks. Does anybody have something good to say about Focus ? Auto press love them but problems seem to dog this model. PS Taurus wagon is outside our budget.
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    I have had mine a little less than a year and I still love it. Excellent handling, fun to drive, roomy, great visibility from the tall seat, and great standard features for the price. However, these are not as well built as your average Japanese car. Sad to say, I have had some trim problems with mine, and a possible steering problem, but from what I can tell from, mine is above average reliable. It creaks and groans much more than a Japanese car at the price.
    I wouldn't trade it for a bland Toyota, or noisy Mazda in a heartbeat though. The car gets my blood pumping, and any corner I tackle leaves a huge smile on my face. You can't beat the 19 cubic feet of cargo room, and 30 mpg HWY figures. Not only that, it is very distinctive. I see rarely see another ZX3 or ZX5 around, and the unique love it or leave styling jumps right out at you. Mine looks gret after a year. It actually reflects its European heritage well. Just like any old Euro car, its got tons of character and is a great drive, but you'll probably have to put up with less than stellar build quality.
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    with you, but my Matrix can beat your 30 mpg hands down: 32 city, 37 highway so far for me.

    It is also bigger inside if you have a ZX3, about the same if you have a ZX5. The only Focus with significantly more room is the station wagon.

    OTOH, it probably is a bit bland, although I like the looks, it has less pep than your Focus, and certainly the Mazda is LOUD! :-)

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    You are correct, sadly I do not get that kind of mileage. The best i have seen yet is 32 mpg. It gets better as the engine breaks in.

    I think the Matrix looks like a blockier but less controversial version of the ZX5. I like the way mine looks better. The Vibe/Matrix came out after I needed a car, but had I bought one, I would not have been able to afford the more expensive model with the larger engine and 16 inch wheels. For the same price as my Focus, I would have ended up with a slower Matrix with the awful dog dish hubcaps. My coworkers Matrix with the XRS package looks much better. SO for the price, the ZX5 has excellent value. It also has more headaches than a Japanese car, sadly....
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    I wish Toyota would stop using those awful, disgusting, ugly, cheap wheel covers they use.

    All Matrix have the 16" rims though, even with the dog dishes. For mine, I had to have alloys...

    I know there have been some recalls for your ZX5, but has it been a problem with breakdowns, or just with going back to the dealer? Or was it a different headache of which you spoke?

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    there have been no recalls for the ZX5.

    Mine has been fine by the way.
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    If you have a 2000 model year Focus you have had 8 or 9 recalls.

    If you have a 2001 model year you have had had 3 recalls

    If you have a 2002 (like mine) you have had zero, except for a very, very small one.

    If you have a model year 2000 BMW X5 you have had 11 recalls. Which is more known to be unreliable, the Focus or the X5?

    Anyway, mine has had very minor issues. Interior trim that is misaligned or broke, and a possible steering problem. No car is perfect, thousands of parts to put together. I have not had anything happen with my Focus that will lead me to believe it won't start, will catch fire, or leave me on the side of the highway. Overall I am exceptionally pleased.

    The biggest problem I can tell from the Ford Focus Forum I participate in is dealer service. Ford has a long way to go with customer service. Any problem a car has is better served by the way the dealer handles it, and I have heard many stories of the dealers not fixing, returning the car with more dents and dings, and one girl had her Focus lost and then it was in an accident at the dealers hands...
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    I am the owner of a 03 Mustang Gt, I have been told by people that when they want I high performace sports sedan, Ford or GM do not offer anything. I was just wondering if this is true? I know the GTO will be coming out from Pontiac later, that should be a performance sedan. I like the Taurus, should Ford offer a high performance model like they used to, the old SHO?
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