2007 Lincoln MKX Nav DVD

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Hi everyone new forum member and very new to nav dvd's. I recently bought 2007 MKX and am wondering if I need to purchase a nav dvd from that year or just the most recent update. Thanks for any help

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  • wheelswheelerwheelswheeler Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks Stever I found the original disc so I am assuming I only need an update disc. I'm just not sure if the newest one will do it or not.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Welcome - good question. I think I'd go to the Lincoln owners site and sign up and ask someone there. From skimming the eBay ads, it should be "plug and play" unless you are installing an older disc into a system that has been updated.

    Any owners out there with experience updating the nav?
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