I have a 1997 Sebring. It starts and runs well when I first start it.

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After I drive it about 10 to 20 miles and turn it off, it is hard to start. It knocks and shakes and stalls. Finally it will start and smooth out if I can get give it enough gas. What's wrong?


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    Most likely a fuel vapor lock. More knowledgable folks (hey cardoc!) will have a better idea of specific causes, but a fuel pressure leak feels likely to me.
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    That's helpful. Thanks
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    fog1 said:

    That's helpful. Thanks

    Be sure to let us know how it all comes out!
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    Air/fuel ratio issues would be high on the list as far as possible causes. The restart when hot you are referring to we call a "hot soak" condition. With fuel injection a "vapor lock" which is the inability to pump fuel to be delivered to the engine is pretty much ruled out. When we had carbureted engines and a mechanical pump that had to pull fuel from the tank, we could cause the fuel to vaporize in the line and that caused the engine to starve for fuel since we then only moved vapor and the carburetor needed the fuel to be in liquid form.

    There is a TSB for a software update for a hard restart after a hot soak. That is for the 2.5l, I didn't see if you specified what engine you have. Another common issue is an EGR valve that is sticking open slightly. A tech would need to start testing and observe the fuel control data pids to see if the PCM is making a correction at idle. The bi-directional co trolls can be activated to command the EGR open and see how much of a change it causes in the feedback system.
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    I knew you'd be along cardoc ;)

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