How do you play your music?

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How do you play your mp3 music?

I just spoke to a Toyota rep, he was rude, he was telling me my flash drive is not compatible with toyota audio. He said I need to buy 8GB flash drive anything else will not work and I CAN'T use folders.
"Sirrr! All this information is listed in your owner's manual"
wow these reps are a piece of work, sounded like a bored teenager.

I think the current audio system is a big step back, its limitation reminds me of the $9.99 mp3 players. I was always able to use a 32GB stick, put my songs in folders, or at least be able to select the songs from a playlist. And when I started my your car again, the system would still remember my playlist. I did not have to wait 5 minutes for "gathering information" every time and than spend another 5 minutes looking for the album or composer I want to listen to.


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    Random playback most of the time from a 4GB mini-USB drive (the connector is bigger than the drive itself). But I'm not too happy with the player in my car either. It doesn't seem to remember the last playback mode after the car is switched off. So while it will replay the last song that was playing when switched back on again, it seems to be stuck in album or folder playback mode until you change it. Try to change the playback mode too quickly after switching on and one gets the dreaded "gathering information" prompt (32GB of information is probably a lot to gather :)). Apparently it gathers information while it plays.

    The manual does state that the maximum amount of folders supported is 3000. Maybe digging deeper could reveal some way to save the last playback mode and necessary information to support it. Otherwise, a firmware upgrade is well overdue IMO.
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