GMC Sonoma ZR2 Extended Cab or Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Exented Cab?

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I'm having trouble choosing between the two....


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    Maybe you need to read some articles regarding the virtues of each truck plus there weakness.
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    toyota will always be the better choice(i lease a tacoma x-cab it!
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    I also was having trouble deciding between the GMC/Chevy ZR2, and the Toyota, but after hearing of poor crash test results on the GMC/Chevy, I think I am going with the Toyota even though I always look to buy American autos first.
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    I too am considering a new compact 4X4 truck. The ZR2 looks good on paper: great tires, 3rd door option, good ground clearance. However, GM's quality record is so checkered. Not long ago, I was in a nearly new mini Blazer, and it sounded like it was coming apart inside--rattles and squeaks galore. And customer comments posted on the NHTSA site suggest that the S10 series has a long way to go to be acceptably well-made. It's too bad, since GM has the resources to make world class vehicles. I wouldn't by one without getting the best extended warranty GM has to offer.
    My 9 1/2 year old Toyota is still tight and rattle free. It's not been perfect, though. I've been through the 3.0L head gasket issue. But both my Toyotas have never left me stuck with a breakdown. I wish Toyota had offered a 3rd door on the Tacoma, and it sure has an ugly looking front end (IMHO). My 15 years of Toyota truck ownership leaves me thinking that they are a much less chancey buy, reliability-wise. With the TRD package, it looks like as good a long wheelbase 4X4 minitruck as there is. I would like to buy domestic, but the confidence just isn't there.
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    For crying out loud, Seth ! All you have to do is test drive 'em back to back. You will find that the GMC Sonoma ZR2 Extended Cab is somewhat less than the sum of its parts... not very satisfying. The Tacoma, on the other hand, is a real jewel and an absolute joy to drive.
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    ONE WORD...........TOYOTA!
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    The ZR2 will eat the Toyota on a one track trail, in the mud or over 30 inch rocks. It will ford deeper streams with no prep. The Toyota is much more refined on the highway however.
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    I seriously doubt that the ZR2 will be able to eat the Tacoma no matter what the circumstance. By the way I think the toyota is more suited for offroad rather than highway driving.
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    Why do survey after customer survey show that the Tacoma is purchased for its styling (looks), not its offroad or payload capabilities. Mostly yuppies and women buy least if you by the customer purchase surveys. Thats why leases are so cheap on them. Nobody that buys them even takes them off road or puts anything in the bed.

    Total waste of "way too much money".
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    All of you TRD owners know absolutly NOTHING about the ZR2 package, it is very obvious. The ZR2 out TORQUES the Toyota by 25ft/lbs!!!. Ground clearance is about 1/4" difference. The ZR2 will go head to head with your overrated Tacoma TRD. You guys put way too much confidence in your Tacoma's. Hell, I have a 98 Ranger with a 4.0 offroad pkg 5spd, with 31" tires and some Edlebrock shocks. I went up against one of your precious TRD's and was not impressed. I could climb, trail, tow, haul, manuveur, anyplace my friends TRD could. Even he started to question the extra bucks he spent. I am an outdoors/offroad type of person. I live in the Northwest and visit the Cascade Moutains and deserts of Oregon. The locker TRD offers is a marketing gimmick. You will NEVER take a 23K TRD into the terrain that a locker would actually be used for. Enjoy the sticker by the way.
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    For what it's worth Petersen's 4x4 magazine test drove the Tacoma TRD, Chevy ZR-2, Mazda B-4000, Ranger, Dakota, and Frontier. They took them on their off-road course.

    The Tacoma TRD won in their test and the Ranger was a close second. They choose the Tacoma because of it's off-road capabilities. Ranger road better on the highway and I think most the others rode better also. The Dakota and Zr-2 got the thumbs-up for appearance(I agree). They were the least impressed with the ZR-2. Also, they slammed the Frontier's plain look and weak motor. They also felt like the Dodge V-8 was not V-8 like. They thought it was weak. I beleive they figured that the transmission was robbing power. The tow hook snapped off the ZR-2 almost injuring one of the drivers, I guess it was stuck.

    It has been about 4 months since I have actually read the article, I have the magazine somewhere around the house, but I think this is the order they rated them: 1. Tacoma TRD 2. Ranger 3. Dakota 4. Frontier 5. ZR-2

    This article came out about 2 months after I had my Tacoma. But, nevertheless, article or no article my Tacoma works great for me!! I do a little surf fishing and I have been highly pleased with its abilities. To me it rides better off-road, it never seems to be in a strain. And I never have to decreased the pressure in my tires.

    Well, take the article for what it's worth. Test drive them and you make the call! That's what I did!
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    just to let you know,I took all the badging including the TRD Sticker off of my truck...I think the truck looks a lot better w/o that stuff.Besides, I didn't buy it for the sticker
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    on another forum you're saying tacomas are 26k and here you are saying 23k. I payed 21k but I'm here in the SW.Thats still a big price difference between Oregon and Arizona though......
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    In my area you can't touch a TRD for less than 23K period. Add the auto trans, some more options and the price skyrockets from there. I know, I priced them in 1998 when I was shopping for a new truck.
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    that's still a big price gap. Are those the limited ones by any chance or the SR5's? If that price is for the SR5, I would hate to see the price of the limited.
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    Just got a V6, SR5, 4x4, x cab, 5sp for 21,400. Glad I dont live where you do.
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