No front/rear park lamps - have already changed bulbs, fuses and light assembly switch. '06 Minivan

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Hi Guys!

I'm a newbie here. I enjoy working on my own car but I do not have much experience with electrical issues. Any and all help is appreciated.

The rear and front park lights do not function when the switch is set to park lamps or when the headlight is full on. I have no running tail lights and the front yellow park lights do not function as well. I still have brake and turn signal lights that function via the same bulb. I have swapped fuses and bulbs. Yesterday I went to pick n pull and tried swapping out the light switch on the dash but alas it did not fix my problem.

My dad helped me before swapping the switch in testing the fuse terminals (two total - 1 for the left, 1 for the right side) and we could not get a reading from them. We tested the horn terminal just to make sure we were doing it right and we were getting a reading from that terminal. Based on this he asked me to try swapping the switch and I felt even more confident about it after another friend told me it sounded like the switch based on our findings as well.

Well here I am now trying to google wire diagrams, etc... before I give up hope and take it in for repair. I have looked over the realy diagram several times and I believe there is no relay for the park lamps but if someone could confirm that for me that would be great! Any other tips or diagnosis hints would be awesome.

Thank you for your time


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    Try for wiring diagrams, if you haven't found that resource already.
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