2 wheel drive fuse? - '97 Impreza

subarumod817subarumod817 Morrisville, NYMember Posts: 1
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I heard there is a fuse in the Subaru that makes it 2 wheel drive I tried look ion both fuse boxes and I can't find out which fuse it is can someone help me? I just bought this Subaru and it's supposed to be all wheel drive but it's only 2 wheel right now so I'm trying to find the fuse so I can remove it


  • dcm61dcm61 Member Posts: 1,567
    5 speed or automatic? If 5 speed, there is no fuse. If automatic, it's in the fuse box by the left strut tower.

    Look in the owner's manual, if you have it. Or google for the manual.
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