Your help is very much needed ... Mazda 3 vs Hyundai Elantra vs Sonata vs Corolla

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I'm considering 4 options and I'm so confused. I like to buy a reliable car with higher MPG that also will have less problem if I want to sell it in a year or two. I might also keep it so durability is a good option. I'm not a car crazy so I don't go for frequent changes however I want to be able to sell with a reasonable loss.

My options:
2013 Mazda 3 i sport with 51 k milage for $12k
2014 Elantra with 20 k milage for $13.5k
2013 Corolla with 30 k milage for $12.8k or 2014 with 29 k milage for 14k
2013 Sonata with 44 k milage for $12.5 k

Which one do you suggest and recommend. Which one is a better value and will sell better at the future? Thanks.


  • zandorzandor Member Posts: 67
    If you're just looking at total cost including repairs, mileage and resale value it's easy. Get the Corolla. Personally I'd buy either the Mazda 3 or the Sonata though. Picking would take some thinking. The Sonata is a bigger car and I like that, while none of the others are as fun to drive as a Mazda 3 and I like that too.
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    I'd take the 2014 Corolla. its the new body style, and will have the strongest resale value. However, the Mazda is every bit as good of car, if not better.
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    I'd take the 3 but any of those are good choices. I'm sure you're already in one at this point. Do tell.
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