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imageStill a Unicorn in Southern California - 2015 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Road Test

This long-term update to Edmunds 2015 Ford Mustang GT includes details on the car's adjustable launch control system.

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  • markinnaples_markinnaples_ Member Posts: 251
    That's strange. Here in SWFL, there are quite a few, and I see at least one or two each day. Usually in red, orange, yellow and the occasional black. I thought SoCal got all of the stuff before the rest of the US.
  • yellowbalyellowbal Member Posts: 234
    I saw a black 2015 GT this morning. That 5.0 already sounds glorious. I look forward to the flat plane V8 sounds.

    flat-plane > boss 302 > GT
  • brenrobrenro Member Posts: 38
    I've only seen one here in AZ and it was a base V6 model. There are four at the local dealership and none of them are GT's.
  • socal_ericsocal_eric SoCalMember Posts: 189
    One V6 car in my neighborhood (SoCal IE) and apparently a rental company got a bunch of base model cars as I saw about five of them that came out of either Ontario or Palm Springs airport driven by attendees that flew in for a conference, which was surprising compared to the normal Chevy Cruze and other compacts.
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    Very few American sports cars up here in Silicon Valley, either. I see more Teslas and 911s than V8 Mustangs or Camaros.
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