2011 Grand Cherokee Leather Dash Bubbles and other problems

jeeped2jeeped2 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Jeep
Great truck...nearly. Still trying to like this truck. Rides great. Quiet, comfortable and fast. However 3 years in and leather dash full of bubbles, heat vent on passenger side broken, replaced all engine mounts (leaking!, not typo they are hydraulic and dealer mechanic said they are junk), tailgate alarm replaced, driver door lock servo replaced, tire pressure sensor replaced, restarts after switching off engine, tailgate opened when driving down road, leak in engine (replaced under drivetrain warranty), more but tired of typing....


  • derhenderderhender Member Posts: 1
    This dash problem is the result of a supplier not performing the correct procedures. This was identified and corrected, however NO ONE at Chrylser will take any responsibility for repair. It is not a "safety" issue so we won't fix it. I would like to see Road and Track & other car magazines do some followup articles on vehicles that they thought were so great when they first came out.
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