Smart to buy a Jeep GC with 100,000 miles?

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I'm considering buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee (Limited) with 100,000 miles on it, for $16,000. It seems like a lot to spend on a car with that much mileage, but it has a lot of features (leather, heated seats, DVD player, GPS, backup Camera).

Is this a good idea or could this turn out very poorly for me? If it could go 200,000 I would be happy, but if I started to have to put a ton of money into it over the next 50,000 miles, that would be a disaster. I've read on consumer reports that the 2009 model is one of the most reliable years.

Thanks for the advice!


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    I paid $10k for an '09 Grand Caravan not too long ago - last May I guess. It's been fine even though it had 125,000 miles on it when I got it. I moved in it (MI to NM) with two trips and I think it has at least one more road trip in it. Going on 140,000 miles.

    It's worked out but I have no illusions that it could all fall apart tomorrow. But it mostly paid for itself saving on moving, assuming it'll still be worth ~$6,000 on trade.

    I got it in a small town and the maintenance history was disclosed (as was the driver's background) and the selling dealer has a good reputation.

    The last car I took to 200k did very well - until the last year and last ~10,000 miles.

    Cars last longer than they used to so you may be fine with this one. The biggest issue is that the price may be too high (unless those options are worth a couple thousand more than I think they are).

    Here's our appraisal link. The high miles is about a $1,000 deduct. Your zip code will vary but for a UP of MI zip code (where they play a lot of hockey), I'm seeing $14,813 retail.
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    Hmm... I'm not seeing the V8 option on the appraisal link, which is what this car has (forgot to mention that). KBB lists the vehicle around $16,500 for the Limited edition from a private party, for a car in 'very good' condition. Closer to $17,000 for excellent condition. I would consider the car in very good to excellent condition (maintained by 1 owner, 70 year old woman, lots of highway miles).

    Great guess on the screenname, I'm originally from Michigan (lower peninsula) but I am currently living in San Diego, where this care is listed.
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    Nice part of the world too - my wife is from La Mesa.

    Try redoing my link - I think it defaults to the Laredo. Once you update the style to the AWD Limited, you should find two V8 choices (well, three counting the Flex Fuel).

    With that info, it sounds like a better deal. :) A private party sale is strictly "as is" in most cases, meaning the price should be less than at a dealer (unless you mean the dealer told you about the owner). Dealers don't disappear so if you got stuck you could at least go talk to them and hopefully work something out if the transmission or something major dies in the first month.

    An AutoCheck or a CarFax isn't a bad idea and if you have a mechanic you trust, a pre-puchase inspection may be worth it too.
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