Bad ball joint after transmission replacement

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Transmission shop rebuilt our transmission. Picked it up, clunking noise, took it back, and they said a bad bearing. Second time we picked it up, new problems arose. Vibration, and a sharp pull to the right. Our regular mechanic said we have a bad upper right ball joint. It did not do this before we had the transmission work done. We know that they pulled the transmission twice, which I assume means taking the front end apart somewhat. Could this have impacted a perhaps already worn ball joint? Our regular mechanic said there is no way to know, but I am frustrated. It did not have the vibration and pull to the right before we took it in, and now it does. Would love some to hear some thoughts on this.


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    Or maybe it is some other problem, but it was evident on the way home after trannie replacement. There is a wobble in the steering wheel and pull to the right. Our regular mechanic said we need new tires soon, but we needed those before, and did not have this problem.
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    sorry, not upper ball joint, just front right ball joint
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