Heater blower not working - Pickup truck

relent0rrelent0r Member Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Mazda
Hi Guys
So my blower heater stopped one day. I thought it was the blower so I removed it and connected it to a 12v source and it started up fine.
So I've tested the power going to the heater and I get nothing on a volt meter.Checked fuse and its good. I grounded to an alternate source and got 12v.
I plugged in the blower again with it grounded to an alternate source and the blower came on full with no switch control.
So I'm sure the blower motor is fine, fuse it fine. I've read that if the resistor is gone then it will run on full speed but nothing else where as mine won't run at all until I've got it grounded to something else.
What else would I need to look at?
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