Wheels/Tires/Lift Kits/Body Lifts?....Need Advice!

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So......I am looking to outfit my 2015 GMC Yukon SLT with new wheels and tires. I think I've done my research and have found the wheels I like. I do have a few questions still. I am not like most others because where they want the biggest rim and the lowest profile tire, I actually would rather get an 18" wheel with the appropriate sidewall height to keep my speedometer/odometer working well while also getting the widest tire that will fit without rubbing. Although I may eventually lift the vehicle, I wasn’t planning on doing that now. I was told that the widest wheel/tire package was 9" but while I was looking online I seemed to find sites that suggested 10 wide packages for the Yukon. I found this info below when online.....It also seems to suggest the widest package could be 10" Could anyone confirm for me?
I saw the following on one site:
2015 GMC Yukon Specs
Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7 | Center Bore: 78.1 | Hardware:14x1.50 Lug | Offset: 25-40mm
Then on another site I saw this:
Bolt Pattern is 6x139.7 (6x5.5). The offset seems to be 15to 35mm. Rims/wheels up to 26x10.0. Tires up to 846x295mm
Now, this may be right or wrong.....I got this off the internet and I am looking to confirm this. But realize that this site does mention 10" width as a possibility
The following link was very helpful and also written well......he also references other great sites.
With all that said.........I guess I should just check if you feel these will fit. See this link
I was told these will not fit because of the offset being wrong
When I check the spec sheet of these, it seems they do make a 6-bolt 18x9 version that I am hoping with fit my Yukon
Now….here is the most important part…..I will lift my SUV if the lift kit is reasonable and it allows me to use the KMC XD801 Crank wheels. I like these wheels that much!! So, if you can suggest a lift kit that works for me, I’d really appreciate the input.



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