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Mysterious electrical stoppage!

tonztertonzter Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Mitsubishi
I was routinely replacing the bulb in the rear-most domelight on my 2002 Mitsubishi Limited. I had left the rear door open during the job. When I placed the bulb into the fixture, it flickered on and off a few times, and the next thing I know, all of the interior lights went out. I also discovered the electrical door lock system, the radio, and the information screen all went dead. Heater works, cigar lighter, windshield wipers/sprayer work. I haven't checked other electrically operated features (ex. outside mirrors, sunroof). Pertinent fuses appear to not be blown. Any suggestions?


  • rusty_cagerusty_cage C Town TexasPosts: 28
    Just a suggestion. I resd about others like this and a mechanic said disconnect neg battery terminal for 30 seconds. Worth a try
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