Worst Vehicle Ever

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Sorry to say, but i am done with Chevrolet. My 2010 Equinox, with a scant 93,000 miles goes through oil like it is free. The last two oil changes required the initial 5Qt of oil, and an additional quart every 500-700 miles. Constant stalling, inability to ge the heater to simply stay on auto at a set temperature. This morning I almost caused, or was part of 3 separate collisions due to the constant stalling. Stopped to take a deep breath and when I went to start it, everything on the display was dead, even though it was running. Got about 2 miles and everything came back to life, then the engine started hesitating and the display complained of possible ice. Well no doubt, it was 2 degrees outside. Last GM we had was an Aveo, took a year of complaints and 12 trips to the dealership to finally come to the agreement that it was junk. So tired of poor quality after spending so much.


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    I assume you have the 4 cyl that is known to have the oil thing for many. Have you started an oil consumption test with dealer yet so they can address it and likely take care of some of the other issues you are seeing?
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    It is the 4 Cyl, and not as of yet on the consumption study.. It is difficult to get in as I am very rural, close to 30 miles from the nearest dealer and work from 6-5. I hope to get it in this week if it makes it. keeping up on the oil almost daily, but the dipstick is about worthless and almost impossible to check. Unfortunately, with all the recent medical issues and trips to the doctors and payments on this, taking care of our 93+ year old aunt and her health issues, money becomes an issue as well. I can about afford $100 a month in unexpected trials and tribulations, this will put us right into the down and out category.
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