GMC Yukon Denali traction control and stabilitrac message

mfischer2100mfischer2100 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in GMC
If you have both messages coming on and codes C0561 and P0011 please check oil pressure then filter etc.
Had major problem with both messages. Lost traction control and stabilitrac intermittently for 6 weeks while trying to diagnose. Dealer wanted $1000 for a TCM. Other mechanics thought it was a camshaft sensor problem (another code). The problem was caused by a mechanic adding stop oil leak (rear main seal) fluid.
Changed oil and filter. Problem solved!


  • dwillsdenali07dwillsdenali07 Member Posts: 1
    After adding oil stop leak. Did you continue adding stop leak each oil change? Did any other codes show up later?
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