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imageImproved Touchpad Interface - 2015 Lexus RC F Long-Term Road Test

Our 2015 Lexus RC F features a touchpad interface for its various functions. It takes some getting used to but I like it.

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  • darexdarex Member Posts: 187
    Touch-pads and touch-screens in moving cars don't work very well. As a passenger, typing on ones phone can be a challenge. It's worse when the surface is attached to the car. as with touch-screen systems or Lexus' touch-pad. iDrive and Audi's system work better for hands-free/mostly eyes-free control. The Lexus system strikes me as overall rather dangerous, as well as awkward to use.

    My MINI's iDrive has a touch pad, but it's only used for POI input or name searches (thus, rarely). The rest, and vast majority of the time, it' s scroll/click or direct key-presses to swap modes (which you do not need to lay eyes on to effect, and it works very well, and seems much safer.
  • caramelo91caramelo91 Member Posts: 13
    The trackpad can work extremely well. Lexus just needs to make an interface that is designed with the trackpad in mind.
  • dgcamerodgcamero Member Posts: 148
    It seems like a reasonable idea (and I love the Android style Home, Back, and Menu buttons), but the materials do not look to be holding up well. Unless that's a grease blob and a hair I see...
  • kcaikcai Member Posts: 15
    All it needs is a nob!! Why can't they do it like German does.
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