What do you think? Should I keep my '93 Chevy Cavalier RS Convertible?

hellocarpeoplehellocarpeople Member Posts: 6
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So I own a '93 Chevy Cavalier RS Convertible. Believe it or not -- it only has 90,000 miles after 22 years of use.

I am deciding if I should keep this car or buy some other used car.

Here are the circumstances:
Willing to spend only $4,500 approx on a used car
My Cavalier runs well, is reliable and has low miles, BUT...
Cavalier issues: desperately needs new soft top roof, has no air conditioning, trunk upholstery needs replacement from issues with leaks bc of roof, the front end was hit by a truck and needs to be fixed and I need to fix the paint on the car.

That sounds like a lot of replacement and repairs...but I am deciding if its worth it to put money into this car that has only been in my family and that I know all of its issues or sink money into a "new" used car that I has never dealt with?

Any thoughts? Are Cavalier roofs easy to replace as a DIY project? Or any of these other repairs?

Also, if anyone else out there has this car or year, how many miles did you car run?

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