Upgrading Steering to the 2015's 32 Bit CPU

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Hoping that someone from Hyundai monitors this board. I have a 2014 Santa Fe Sport which I am overall very, very happy with. The only knock I have on the vehicle is the steering. I have tried all three user adjustable modes and each has their positives but also significant drawbacks. I recently tried a 2015 SF-S and found the steering more responsive. One reason may be the increased processor capacity on the 32-bit processor standard for the 2015 model year. Can the larger processor be installed in a "plug-and-play" swap? If not, what additional components would need to be upgraded? Thanks in advance.


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    With today's highly integrated vehicles the short answer would be "all of them" which light-heartedly means you would need the other vehicle. The electronic power steering is part of the stability and traction control systems which means it fully integrates into the engine management, transmission control, 4WD (if equipped) and ABS systems. When you understand all of that it also means that the associated software in all of them would also have to be modified and that just wouldn't be practical.

    What exactly is the steering doing on your 2014 that isn't desirable?
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