2009 Mazda5 - Old car with no miles, super high price?

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I've been doing a lot of research into car buying lately, but I guess I haven't learned enough to know why a 5 year old car can cost nearly as much as it did new, even if it has 0 miles on it. I mean, I know that if a car sits around a lot, not being driven, anything rubber starts breaking down. Is this price reasonable? What are the chances that this is a bait and switch? I can't find anything about this car on other used car listings websites, or even on the website for Reynolds Ford in Norman Oklahoma. Also, I've looked for the vin number, and it's almost like this car (and the website has several others just like it listed) doesn't exist. I haven't seen the carfax report. Here's the link to the listing: http://bestride.com/detail/2009/Mazda/Mazda5/JM1CR293390347492/4507199590908926032


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    Also, it's 9:48 pm right now, so I can't call the dealership about it.
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    TMV is ~$12,500.

    It's really not good for a car that's going to be a "daily driver" to sit around like that. I'd be leery, like you, of all the rubber bits (especially the tires and belts), not to mention all the fluids and seals.
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    Why don’t you contact a good advisor like MFC (Mahindra First Choice) or Carwale about it. Maybe it has to do with the model and make
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