Subaru Crew: What did you pay?

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First post?

Ok, in May 2002 we paid $17,827 for a 2002 Legacy L with floor mats and keyless entry. Works out to about $850 under invoice, but there was a $750 incentive so the dealer basically gave up $100 from his holdback.

More than fair price. Great car so far.

2003s offer a Special Edition package that I wish we had waited for. We went aftermarket for alloys, CD, and moonroof, but now they're offered on that factory L/SE model.



  • hypovhypov Member Posts: 3,068
    Ordered it November 11, 2002

    Platinum Silver
    Armrest Extension
    Premium Sound Package I
    Security System Upgrade
    Cross Bar Kit
    Cargo Area Tray

    $21,752.00 - pre-tax/less subie points

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    Anybody care to share the deals on the new Forresters? Do these sell under invoice?

    I'm looking at buying one right now, and it seems to me that it might be advantageous to wait untill january for new incentives/promotions from subaru. Something tells me there are better financing deals coming...

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    Try Great prices in the DC area, you could ask your dealer to try to match theirs.

    The only Forester that ever got a rebate was the 2002, and only just before the 2003 came out, so don't hold your breath.

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    Does $15000 for a 2002 OB Sport (auto trans) with 20,000 miles seem reasonable? The miles are pretty high, but it is about $5000 less than MSRP. I'm in SLC, UT, where Subarus aren't hard to sell; the demand is very high here.

    Thanks for any opinions.
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    $17,756 is the cheapest one a local no-haggle dealer has, so that is $3k off the new price.

    20k is a lot of miles for a year, though. It's a fair deal, but not a steal.

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    I'd try getting it for $14500 at least. Too many miles.
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    In Nov., paid $20,158( in the Phila. suburbs) for a 2003 Legacy L Special Edition 5 Speed Wagon with wheel locks, bumper cover, splash guards, carpet mats, and cross bar kit. According to Edmunds pricing, this was a good deal.
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    Congrats, now join us in the Subaru Crew threads under Owners Clubs. We also have a chat tomorrow at 9pm EST. :-)

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    I live in Carson City, NV and in anticipation of purchasing a '04 Forester in late summer, I'm doing my preparatory work now. What are the dealers who offer the lowest prices via Internet or otherwise. There are three dealers within 30 miles or so: Hohl (Carson City), Lithia (Reno), and South Shore (Lake Tahoe). However, I will travel (CA, Las Vegas, you name it) for the best price, if I can't get it nearby. In your reply please state how much you bought your Subaru over/less invoice. I have also always purchased a special order car and have never bought a car off the lot, so it's immaterial to me about unpopular colors, etc. Sure a dealer may discount a little more for a model held in inventory for some time, however if he has it sold as soon as it rolls off the transporter it saves him including it in their floor plan. Thanks for any recommendations.
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    is running ads for '03 base model OB wagons with automatic for $21.6K. Considering that last year I bought my '02 from them for $22.3K (and this year's includes AWP and CD), it is a great deal.

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    About $17500 for new Impreza TS with automatic and a few accessories: splash guards, bumper cover, cargo tray, and armrest extension. I posted a while back about some used OBS wagons, but the dealer wanted too much for them, in my opinion. We feel we got a better deal on new, plus better financing %. The TS has everything we wanted that the OBS has, and nothing we didn't really want (funky 2-tone paint scheme and big logo on the side). Sorry this was also mentioned under "Dealers and Pricing" but it seemed to fit both categories, and I wanted to bring closure to the previous post here. Thanks for the feedback on the OBS.
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    Sounds like a good deal - enjoy! Did you keep the old Subaru or trade it?

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    I still have my 97 OB, which i really enjoy and hope to drive for a long time... the new TS is primarily for my fiancee... she might let me drive it once in a while, if i ask nicely ;)

    We're working on selling her '89 Subaru GL... we knew the trade in would be very low on that, but we think we'll be able to get a decent price on selling it ourselves since it's only got 93K miles and is in very good shape; there's nothing wrong with it (unless you're 6'4" with size 14 shoes like me, in which case it's pretty unbearable to drive). Until we sell it, the "TS" stands for "third Subaru".
         -(yet another) Steve
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    on 3/17/03 I paid 23401.00 + tax no dealer add on's
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    2003, 5 spd, air filtration, tinted windows, bumper cover, cargo mat, carpet floor mats $19,847. Pretty good deal I think!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Cool, they sold it with tint? In Texas that must be great to have.

  • hgutsteinhgutstein Member Posts: 65
    But the dealer is putting it on. Esssential in TX - the WRX has a weak A/C and the tint makes all the difference

  • beecavebeecave Member Posts: 13
    For a Forester XS automatic without any Premium packages, and with a cargo mat and rear bumper cover, I paid 23080 +tax and title. The dealers initial quote was $24,566.

    Based on Edmunds numbers and those of my lender, which matched farily closely, and factoring in any destination surcharge for NE I paid about 3.3% over invoice and 6.8 percent over dealer cost if there was any holdback on this particular vehicle.

    The dealer also charged a $140.00 "Document Preparation fee" but no "Dealer Prep" on getting the car itself ready for delivery.
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    I just bought a Cayenne Red Subaru Forester Premium AT with PEG 1E, PEG 2, PSG 2, Air Filtration Kit, Armrest Extension, Rear Diff Protector, and Rear Spoiler for $24,311 including all fees (except tax). The actual dealer invoice shown to me came to $24032 after subtracting the factory holdback and floorplan fee and adding the advertising fee from SOA. The invoice computed on most internet pricing sites was $24,286. MSRP was listed at $27,173.

    Financed 2.9% for 48 months but no rebates (they offered 2.9 for 60 mo also).

    So I paid a little more than invoice but I'm happy, the wife is happy, and the dealer made a profit.
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    I've been a lurker among the forums for the past few weeks while researching a vehicle to replace my totaled 98 RAV4 and this is my first post. Just completed a purchase 6/22/03 at Carter Subaru in the Seattle area:

    XS w/ automatic
    Popular Equipment Group 2 (auto mirror/compass, security system upgrade, tailpipe cover) and Armrest Extension.

    MSRP 24970 (incl. destination) Invoice 22575 Paid 21691.50 Plus TTL (no advertising or document fees) The car also has (not included in above MSRP or invoice figures) rear bumper corner moldings, wheel lip and door moldings, pinstriping, and window etching which I believe bumps the invoice price to 22758, but I can't verify that.

    I got most of the preliminary information via email from the internet sales manager, who provided a no-haggle figure, then I phoned with final questions the day before we decided to purchase. I never dealt with a floor salesman.

    Now I need to locate a good mail order parts and accessories vendor. Suggestions?

    Thanks to all who take the time to make these forums such a valuable resource. I hope the price information will be helpful.

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    Welcome to the family.

    I've used which is in Auburn Washington for parts. They were very competitive. Carter Subaru also has parts online, but were more expensive. (Can't remember their website.) As a Washington resident, you will need to pay sales tax.

    There are several places on the East coast too. I'm sure juice or someone will supply the websites.

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    I'm looking to buy a Forester (new), but don't *need* a car until next spring (getting a second car, hubby and I currently share one). Money is fairly tight (we're grad students) and we are looking at the XS (not really looking for the premium...can't justify the extra $1K for a sunroof and monochromatic paint).

    Should we buy a 2003 now? Wait until December to get a "year end" deal on a 2004 or 2003 if any are left? Or wait until next spring for a 2004? We're in Houston, so winter isn't a big deal here (are there rushes on Subies up north in the winter?).

    Neither of us have ever bought a "new" car, so I'm not sure when the best deals are...
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    If you're buying your first new car, you might want to read the car buying section at They have pretty good advice.

    Regarding timing, Subies are not necessarily introduced on a yearend schedule. In fact, I believe 2005 Foresters were just introduced.

    Have fun shopping!

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    There are a few 2003s left and good deals to be had on them. I think there is a $1250 incentive in some regions, MD included. had one Forester X auto for $1450 under invoice!

    I don't think the 2004s will ever get that cheap, maybe the same price but probably not any lower.

    But next spring is a while off, you'll have to pay insurance for 9 months or so, that alone can cancel out the savings.

  • subkidsubkid Member Posts: 94
    who would care to take on this one?

  • jfljfl Member Posts: 1,396
    I meant 2004 Forester.
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    We can't get any deals here, right? Just paid $28,520.00 (after haggling some) for 2003 Forester 2.5X with rear cargo tray "thrown in". Extras were air conditioning tax of $100, tire tax of $15, vehicle registration fee of $212, tank of gas and licensing service fee of $59, and a fee for setting up the loan of $46. Took a loan of 5 years at 3.8% interest (it is 2.9% in the USA). So, no real deal on the "clearance of 2003 Foresters" except for the financing. And I did call around. There are still 2003 Foresters at the Toronto depot. Hope this helps you.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Demand tends to be very high for Subies in Canada, it's been that way for as long as I've known.

  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    Wow, that's a new one...

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    In march I purchased a 2003 Forester X Automatic with two popular Equip groups that included mudflaps, cargo area mat, tailpipe cover, armrest extender, roof rails (don't think I am missing anything).

    The dealer marked-up price was 25,245.00 because they add on 3000.00 just for those who walk in and don't haggle (so they said) but I refused to deal from the mark-up. I have personal issues with car dealerships and salesmen. I dated one for awhile. Bad idea. ;-) But that is beside the point.

    They had run an ad for $3000.000 off MSRP in the local paper. The ad referenced certain VIN#'s but the cars referenced were all gold or silver XS's and I wanted a red X so I left. I didn't want painted bumpers because of past experience camping with painted bumpers and worrying about them getting scratched up. I also had a moonroof before and never used it. It is either too hot, raining or too windy here. I was able to open it 20 days a year if I was lucky.

    The salewoman called me that night (surpised? Not.) saying the sales manager had agreed to give me the 3000.000 off the Red X model I wanted.

    I paid 19,245.00. I was and still am quite happy. This is my second Subie. Had a '91 Legacy Wagon for more than 10 years w/o any mechanical problems except it needed new boots at 85,000 mi. Not a single problem with the new one after 5000 miles and 4 months of camping trips and one trip to Disneyland in it already.

    Can't imagine having anything else but a Subaru ever again.
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    Congrats and welcome to the Crew.

    We have a chat every week, in fact it's tonight at 9pm eastern. We'd love to have you join and tell us all about it - for instance, what color?

  • earthwomanearthwoman Member Posts: 47 is Caynenne Red Pearl and I get compliments on the color quite often. I also just waxed it with Maguiera's wax Saturday and it is striking. Of course, I am biased. ;-)

    I will get to the Gallery and post a photo soon. Just need to have them developed and scan one.

    Thanks for the info. on the chat. Sounds like fun.
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    They are...there is a link at the top of this page. The room only opens at 9pm.

    You already debadged it and added some nice speakers? You'll fit right in...

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