Bad torque converter?

donburgettdonburgett Member Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Dodge
Just bought a 1995 extended cab with a 5.2 and 3 speed automatic. It doesn't want to engage into drive unless revved up and the converter makes the ever so bad whirring sound. But I could drive all day, if I wanted, in reverse. My thoughts are that the torque converter doesn't care about direction. Shift valves hanging up? Fluid is clean and @ proper level. Between new converter, rebuild kit (clutches, steels....) and solenoid I should be able to make like new for around $500 and some knuckle skin. Or OD upgrade/conversion for around $1500. I bought the truck for less than $600 with no rust for a work around the house lawn art type of thing. Any thoughts for an easy fix, maybe just the solenoid?
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