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Dodge Magnum



  • Can subaru compete on the track with an all wheel drive r/t magnum? Is the magnum to heavy to compete with the subaru? Does the all wheel drive offset the weight and give the magnum the advantage? It seems like the 2.5 is about even with the 3.5 all wheel drive sxt.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    On track the subaru would probably have an advantage cause it's available in a 5MT. The RT AWD would be close and it would depend highly on which track, a large track with big open spaces like VIR, Watkins Glen, or Pocono Long will go in the RTs favor, on a smaller course like Pocono East, Limerock, Jefferson Circuit that are more technical, the subie will probably out manuver it through the turns. This is just a guess however.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The 3.5 AWD will be no competition for the subie, they both have 250hp aprox, but the turbo motor in the subie will rocket it I think better than the 3.5, what are the 0-60 times on it? I think the subie is like 5.3s or something like that.

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Oh yeah, there is one wrinkle to the Hemi - it doesn't always "loaf" like old time V-8's due to the MDS (multiple displacement system). When its in MDS mode, there is really a 4 cylinder equivalent engine driving your car, so think how hard THAT has to work relative to your full time 3.5 V-6.

    That's not how the MDS works. It will not be working harder in 4cyl mode. The split-second that more power is necessary than the 4cyls can provide, it switches back to all eight cylinders. The 4cyl mode is only going to be running during slower speeds, coasting, etc, basically anytime the car only needs the power of the 4cy.
  • tlktlk Posts: 21
    My leasing agent just informed me that my red RT/AWD will be built this week and that I will get a VIN in a couple of days. Is there a way I can track the process on-line? Is there a way to track the shipping process? THANKS
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Don't know if it's already been posted, but this is a pic of the an AWD R/T. Only noticeable difference is the new wheels.
  • Go back further to some of the posts. There's a number you can call someone posting in one of the earlier posts.
  • I test drove the Magnum R/T to compare its practicallity over the 300C. I love the 300C but I surf, so I could use the factory installed roof rack option.

    Turns out, the roof rack makes a loud whiney noise even at moderate speeds around town. I wonder how the MOPAR removable roof rack does.

    I hope Chrysler fixes this glitch soon.
  • Ocassionally the techs in our shop install the crossbars backwards (if you were to look at a cross section, you'd see they are almost airfoil shaped like airplane wings). This results in loud whistling. On the minivans, the stamped FRONT with an arrow on each to make it easier (and you can't see it from the ground). That's one possibility. The other is the PT Cruiser scenario...Chrysler's fix was to slightly redesign them so they fir flush together at the rear of the vehicle when not in use as to mimic a spoiler. I have driven Magnums with roofracks and not noticed the whistle, so I suspect the installation was wrong.
  • I just ordered my 2005 AWD SXT and anticipate a build date in mid-January. There is a very long wait for the RT but I'll be fine with the 3.5. I have several Oldsmobile Toronados with 455 V8s, so real horsepower and torque is always available here at Toronado Ranch. When GM killed Oldsmobile I made the decision to NEVER buy GM again. The Magnum is precisely what GM could have produced if they'd kept John Rock on board and fired the "Hostess Twinkies/Tide Detergent" CEOs instead!
  • On the DC media outlet site, they say...

    "By continuously driving all wheels, the new all-wheel-drive system provides excellent cornering balance and traction under all driving conditions. Combined with standard features such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP), All-speed Traction Control, four-wheel anti-lock brakes and Emergency Brake Assist, performance and stability are outstanding in the new AWD members of the Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300 lineup."

    I too thought it may not be included. Happy to be wrong in this case...
  • Well, that sounds like a pretty good review. I would like to hear what some consumers actually have to say that owns one of these awd. Did they say what the time was from 0 to 60 on an awd. Is it less or more than the rwd? Is it that much of a difference between awd and rwd to make it worth the extra money? Is this all hype or what? I have never owned an awd or rwd just a fwd. So, I really don't know. I have driven a rear wheel drive truck. But I did not notice the difference.
  • I would encourage anyone who is curious to check out the full writeup on You have to select "continue as guest" and then agree to the disclaimer and then you're in. Click on Chrysler Group, then Dodge, then Magnum. The AWD article is down on a short ways.

    Info from DC tends to show up here before elsewhere and the pictures are all high res. You also can get a really good feel for how they are positioning things within their lineup and what new products will be released in the short (6 months-ish) term.

    Getting back to your question, there is no mention of 0-60 times. I know that on my FWD '04 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp-G I can burn the front tires all the way through first gear with 260hp even with traction control (albeit a very level-handed traction control). Given the 340hp from the 5.7 and 425hp (???) from the 6.1 in the SRT8 my opinion is that to enjoy the full benefit of the power you simply need AWD or the ESP will force you to be a little (OK alot) more gentle on your initial take-off.

    That's my $0.02, but the site is really cool. You'll ber glad you went.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    From Arifleet:

    "Chrysler 300/300C
    Dodge Magnum
    Lead Time 8-10

    (XRV) Rear seat video system production delayed until 2/1/05
    (EER) 2.7L engine and (TWH) tire w/o (BNB) electronic stability production delayed until 9/27/04
    (PRH) Inferno Red with (GTS) heated mirrors on hold - TBD
    (PYG) Linen Gold has a Job #1 of 9/27/04
    300 Touring AWD model has a Job #1 of 11/15/04
    300C AWD model has a Job #1 of 11/15/04
    Magnum SXT AWD model w/ (XAP) adjustable pedal and (JPR) power seat has a Job #1 of 9/20/04
    (ALZ) Dodge Special Edition has a Job #1 of 10/4/04
    (TWJ) Tires w/ (4DS) all-wheel drive has a Job #1 of 10/4/04
    (AFB) Comfort/Convenience Group has a Job #1 of 11/29/04
    LXCX48 SRT-8 AWD model has a Job #1 of 1/10/05 "

    - Ray
    Hoping to drive an SRT-8 AWD next year . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Thanks for the info. That was pretty interesting to read and see. Your $0.02 was definitely worth a lot. I did some pricing on the all wheel drive. It 2 grand difference than the Rt rwd. What's the weight of the awd R/T? Does anybody know the answer? I would like the test drive an all drive magnum R/T. We don't really have awd in the south? Edmunds did have a picture of an all wheel drive posted. They still did not give any comments on it. Have you test driven an all wheel drive R/T magnum? Has anybody in these discussions test driven an all wheel drive R/T magnum? I would like to hear their feedback on the experience.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    ESP is standard on both the SXT and RT regardless of RWD or AWD. Emale...way to go!!
  • My guide list curb weights as follows...
    RWD SXT - 3896
    AWD SXT - 4164

    RWD RT - 4125
    RWD RT - 4339
  • Well, according to your guide the awd adds a little over 200 pounds to your magnum. Does this slow the magnum down any? Does the awd make the weight seem not that important? I had ordered an RT rear wheel drive. But I am considering an all wheel drive. I guess we will just have to read the reviews to find out.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    The drag from the extra components will have more effect than the weight. However, I don't see this effecting performance enough to notice much. Maybe at the track or with a stopwatch in your hand.
  • What kind of track do you suggest for the magnum? How much is the drag with the extra components? What do you mean by much? Did you know it is an extra 2 grand for all wheel drive? Is it true this is a mercedes all wheel drive system?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I'm sorry, you've exceeded your question limit for the day :p

    I guess I was referring to the drag-strip. It might shave .5 off the 1/4 mile, I dunno. Then again, it might hook up better and actually be close to the RWD. My point was, it likely won't be noticeable for typical driving. I have owned several Quattro Audis and they don't feel slower or bulkier than the FWD versions.

    I don't know how much drag there would be, but anytime you have additional axles there's going to be additional power lost. As I said before, it probably will be very slight difference.

    $2,000 sounds about right. It will likely be worth $2,000 more than the RWD version for many years, so that's not a major cost unless you keep the thing forever.

    I really haven't looked into the AWD system too closely. I just know if I buy a Magnum, it will have it.
  • how much would it cost to turbocharge the magnum?These all wheel drives won't really be that available till the end of the year. They will probably have some made before that time. Chrysler still trying to catch up with the demand for the R/T rwd. It could be a long wait before anybody sees a R/T awd. So mike does the extra 200 lbs added by the vehicle slows it down or balances out with the better traction on the awd?
  • I'd be willing to go on a diet to help mitigate the difference. I'm still heavier than AWD (curses).
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The extra traction will likely balance it out. Chips, Intkaes, Exhausts and SCs will help overcome the extra weight IMHO.

  • foureyes3foureyes3 Posts: 165
    Do you know how soon the awds will be arriving off production?
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    Many dealers have AWD's now.
  • foureyes3foureyes3 Posts: 165
    Really, they must be sending them to the northern dealerships first. I haven't seen any in Mississippi. Are these northern dealerships? Have you went and test drove an R/T awd? Were all of them sxts awd?
  • mungomungo Posts: 1
    The Dodge dealer down the road here (suburb of San Diego) has a $5000 "market adjustment" listed on the single RWD RT they have. It is pretty much full optioned out -- with the notable exception of the nav system -- bringing the total list price to $39k+. I've seen the $2k markup before, but isn't $5k absurd? Unfortunately I didn't have it in me tonight to work the sale staff and get a feel for how optimistic they are about selling at that price.

    As far as the test drive is concerned, I really liked it. And, surprisingly, my wife thought it was just a fantastic car. I will strongly consider an unoptioned RT in the near future...hopefully had for around $30k.
  • foureyes3foureyes3 Posts: 165
    That's a crazy markup. You can get a navigator for that much of a markup. They mark the prices too high we can just wait them out till the summer for the rebates. I am optimistic that there are a lot more dealers with better deals. Shop the web.
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