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Dodge Magnum



  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    I hope that you get the Magnum instead of the Pathfinder, and I can understand the frustration of long wait times. I guess maybe I have not said it recently, but I work at a CJD dealership - I won't say which.
    You're right about the M.Gray being discontinued. Go to your dealer and check on the status of your Magnum. If it got pulled for build before the paint was dropped, you're okay. Once a paint or option gets dropped, you can't configured an order with it anymore.
  • Has anybody done after market HID Xenon Headlamps on thier Magnum RT? Can it be done safely?
  • I have a 300C and I just got my Magnum RT that I ordered (only took 7 weeks to get from the time I ordered it!) I noticed that they have the exact same doors. Does anybody know where to get the chrome trim that comes on the 300C's doors so I can put it on my Magnum RT ?
  • dshueydshuey Posts: 10
    When I (finally) get my AWD RT, I want to put after market chrome wheels on it. I don't like the stock polished wheels and wonder why Dodge put bland wheels on its hot rod wagon. Does anyone know if there is some technical aspect of wheel selection because the car has AWD? Can I go from stock 18" to 20" without effecting the performance of the car?
  • Which octane are you using? What is your mpg around town.
  • around town 19-20 that is having a little fun still and i am using ethanol blended 89 octane seems to be fine with that i read some were they recommed 90 i think but it is fine with 89 plus it is cheaper the 87 or 90 in iowa
  • Is there any way on the Magnum to turn off the front passenger air bag so I could carry a kid there? Or is a 3rd seat available?
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    Actually, the Magnum has the new OCS (Occupant Classification System) built into the front passenger seat. What it does is monitor the weight of anything in the front seat and the position of the seat along the seat tracks. If it detects no passenger, or a passenger that is too small, the airbag is automatically deactivated. I'm not near a Magnum right now, but I think that the indicator light is somewhere above the glove box. It cycles through a test with the rest of the lights upon starting the vehicle.
  • ryansryans Posts: 3
    I called my dealer and they said that my Magnum order status is "DG" but there is a "holding pattern" at the factory right now, so they don't know the ship date. I know that "D" status means the factory has pulled the order - thanks to jglakin. Anyone have more information on specifically what "DG" status means?
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    two is that they said or meant to say "BG", which means officially, "order has passed edit but cannot be scheduled regardless of sold status" (i.e. they have not earned allocation), or the other is that the just meant "G", which is simply, "trim" (or interior stuff). If it is in BG, still long wait - if it is in G, next is I (inspection), and then usually it ships (K status). Sometimes they go to various J statuses (storage, emissions, passed inspection but not ready for release, etc.)
    Good Luck.
  • ryansryans Posts: 3
    My apologies to all for repeat postings. User error combined with a browser defect.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    No prob, I swept up :)

    Host - Wagons
  • I have the Magnum RT AWD and here are some observations after about 1000 miles of driving.

    I agree with earlier posters about seeting comfort - excellent, best ever for me. I also agree about ensitivity to crowns in the road. The car will veer due to road crowns or ruts probably more than any other car I've driven lately. I gotta admit I don't like that much.

    I love the Hemi, ESP, and AWD. But I'm getting pathetic gas mileage so far. Worse than my 2001 4-wheel drive Dodge Dakota (4.7L V8). I'm getting about 13 city/17 hwy mpg and taking it easy. I'm in Colorado Springs at 6000 feet so I wasn't expecting to get 17/24, but I was hoping to do better than the truck, not worse. I'm wondering if the multi-displacement system even does anything at this altitude.

    I love the looks. Mine is Mineral Gray. Just awsome. I have the luggage rack and the cross bars remove easily when not in use. The manual says removing them will reduce wind noise, but they cause very little wind noise so most people won't bother removing them like I do.

    Back window get dirty easily, like most wagons. Back window wiper clears a small patch, but rear visibility is poor as most would agree. But I'm used to even worse after driving a truck with a cab on it for the last few years.

    I had the Dodge dealer intall the Sirius radio kit right after I bought it and was pleasantly surprised that Sirius gave me 1 year free as if the Sirius kit had come with the car. But I'm unpleasantly surprised at the poor sound quality of Sirius. The culprit is probably Sirius because FM and CD, MP3's, WMA's sound fantastic. Sirius provides roughly AM quality in my book, though others claim "near CD quality". No way. So if you have to have CD quality don't bother getting Sirius radio.

    Everything people are saying that is great about this car is true. It really is a dream car for me, exactly what I've been hoping for years DC would build. I love it.
  • pjo1966pjo1966 Posts: 140
    If you're listening to the talk channels, Sirius can sound like AM. If you're getting anything less than CD quality on the music stations bring it back and have the dealer check it out.

    As for the crappy mileage, I don't have a Magnum, but it's not uncommon for mileage to improve after a break-in period.
  • I think you might want to get different tires for the ruts in the road. Those are performance tires and meant for paved highways. I am still looking forward to my mineral gray. I am glad to know the luggage rack and the crossbars are removable. It's too bad they just can't slide down and blend in with the roof. Where do you put your roofrack and bars after you take them off? I think the car looks so much better without the roof rack. Have you aired it out on the interstate? I think you might want to consider the AWD is heavier than the RWD. The weight would affect the gas mileage.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    The cross bars on the roof rack are easily removable. The side rails are not. I take my cross rails off unless I need them. If you take off the side rails you will leave holes in the sheet metal on the roof.
  • dwl2dwl2 Posts: 1
    Just took delivery of a brand new Bright Silver RT with AWD and the Hemi. Takes me back to days of old when horsepower was king. Long live the muscle car.

    Anyway, anyone change out the mufflers yet to sound off the Hemi? If so, what did you use?
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Also, if anyone has modified the exhaust (or even with a stock exhaust), what does it sound like in 4 cyl mode?
  • The cross bars come off and on easily. I can't always tell if they really make any noise, but I just normally keep them in the garage when I don't need them. Only the cross-bars are removable. The car is very quiet. The biggest noise contribution comes from the rear tire noise coming through from the back. Its a very small amount, but my guess is that the 300C would be quiter there having a trunk.
  • dshueydshuey Posts: 10
    Yikes, I ordered my loaded Black RT AWD on Aug 28th and still don't have a build date (12-10-04). I'm starting to see the AWDs on the road and I'm getting angry with my dealer. Has anyone else experienced a wait like this?
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    My Magnum RT (RWD) ordered May 3, built week of Oct. 4, and delivered Oct. 18. Worth every bit of the wait. Don't get mad at the dealer, it has no control over the wait.
  • dougpdougp Posts: 5
    A couple of questions.


    1. Does anyone have a link to a good picture showing the stock wheels on a AWD RT? From what I have seen on-line (dodge site which stinks) the wheels don't look as good.


    2. Will the RWD RT wheels fit on the AWD? I am assuming so, but if anyone knows for sure that would be fantastic. Thanks.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    There are several AWD's on eBay. The RT and SXT AWD models share the same wheel. I agree that it does not look as good as the RWD RT wheel. I do not beleive that the RWD RT wheels will fit the AWD model. The AWD wheels are not the same deep dish design as the RWD wheels.
  • dougpdougp Posts: 5
    unless someone comes out with some sweet AWD wheels that aren't over "pimpy". If anyone can confirm that the dish is different on the AWD that would be great. If it's not different - even better.
  • My AWD SXT was ordered on September 27 and, after a few order changes (added leather, changed interior color), the Status would go back among the "B"s. Last Friday it became "D" and today it reached "KZ". DCX already has the delivery route via truck and rail handled and they estimated a shipping date of December 13 with a dealer arrival date of December 31!

    I prefer the 18" AWD wheels as they resemble a more "machined" appearance. Our Magnum will be custom-painted to match a Milwaukee Road locomotive from the 1970s: black/orange/black with emblems, heralds and "number boards". Our pre-ordered California license plates read "MILW RR".

    And definitely worth waiting for!

    AWD for cross-country driving this Spring.
  • dshueydshuey Posts: 10
    I just watched an auto show today which demonstrated new turbocharges for desil and gas trucks. Is anyone making a turbocharger for the 5.7 Hemi that will fit the Magnum? The ones I saw on the show were for the Hemi in the Dodge trucks.
  • dougpdougp Posts: 5
    Does the ESP and traction control keep it on the road as claimed? I'd love one, but here in michigan the snow on the west side of the state can get a bit deep a few days a year. Wondering if it really will stay on the road. Thanks.


    Damn ugly AWD wheels...
  • tlktlk Posts: 21
    I have had my RT AWD for about 3 weeks and have driven it in snow and on glare ice. It is amazing - it holds the road so well that it is very possible to substantially over-drive conditions. In the snow, the only problem is going to be clearance - it is kinda low and not getting hung up is going to be a challenge. On ice, it is possible (barely) to spin the wheels, but you gotta really try. The biggest danger is the other guys on the road with you. I never thought a car could be so sure-footed, and I have lived in snow country all my life. Have fun!
  • dekesterdekester Posts: 322
    Just moved from NYC to West Central Florida (Gulf Coast) and looking at the paper yesterday, I see the local Dodge dealer's selling a new Magnum SXT with all standard equipment (which IMHO is a loaded car!) for $22500! Wonder if I could get $3G for my 98 Olds Intrigue (with 42100 miles) to cut the price to under $20G +TTT.... Since I just registered my Olds here, I won't have the title for a couple of weeks.


  • I just got a recall notice from Chrysler about some mounting brackets for the radiator (might crack and the radiator gets loose and ...). Does anyone know what the part number is (or the "new" part number). it is supposed to be a 30min. job but the dealer scheduled me after 20 days. It seems a very simple job and the brackets are 2.50$ apiece.
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