I have a 2006 Equinox engine and need to put it in my 2008, what needs to be switched?

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I have a 2006 equinox engine and need to put it in my 2008, what needs to be switched ?


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    I did the quick check on car-part.com and found the 3.4 Equinox shows engine selections from 2007-2009 while the 3.6 shows only 2008-2009. My assumption is that those cross listings are based on the interchangeability books that recycling yards have as to what engines, etc., are easily switched.

    You may find a garage person who does lots of engine switches and may know it can be done, but I'd expect some difficulty. You're asking exactly what needs to be switched and I certainly don't know that. Might be better to get an interchange engine from one of the recommended years per the reference books. Good luck to you in getting more information or getting a recommended interchange engine.

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    Hope you didn't try it. 05 and 06 had a completely different wiring harness manufacturer than 07 to 09 as well as ecm, bcm etc.the blocks are the same but the crank sensor and cam sensor are different. In short to use the 05 in an 08 youd have to swap crankshaft and camshaft
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