Cold weather starting problems - '08 LR2

bernieh1bernieh1 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Land Rover
Anyone else have any problems with cold weather (below zero) starting on their Land Rover? 6 times over the last two years my LR2 has not started after briefly stopping to go, say, shopping for 20 minutes, and requiring a boost to get going again. The battery's fine and it takes a boost easily. I had it checked out at the dealership last year with no luck and am taking it in again tomorrow as it is continuing. I've also been having other (unrelated?) cold weather electronic issues like the dash lights not going on or the dash LED screen not displaying, until the LR2 really warms up for awhile (e.g driving for 15 minutes) and is a real problem as the temps can easily get to -35 around here. Appreciate any comments!
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