06 Cobalt Loses Electrical Power, Regains Electrical Power Hours Later

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Here's what's been driving me crazy for a over a year now.

Problem started before the ignition recall. Car will start fine most of the time. Randomly, I will go to start it and there is no power. Radio doesn't come on, no lights, no nothing. Have to release the key and walk away for a few hours, or sometimes as little as 20 minutes. When i come back and try to start the car it starts as if nothing was wrong. All power, everything working as you'd expect it to.

This went on for a while, and eventually the ignition was replaced in the recall, For about a 9-10 months the problem didn't return. Recently it happened again, and as luck would have it as soon as the tow truck dropped it off at the dealer it started up again just fine. They told me not to worry about it and they'd go ahead with the recall on the gear shift, thinking that was the problem.

3 weeks later and I finally get my car back, it works fine for a week, and now today it dies. Go to turn the key and again, zero power, no radio, no lights, nothing.

What on earth could be wrong with this car before i go an pull my hair out??
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