Problems after fluid change, please help!

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Hey guys, decided to do some fluid changes today in hopes of making my 2004 Pathy last a little longer. I went to Nissan and got 9L of Nissan DMatic ATF fluid (for tranny and tranfer case) and 5L of Penzoil 80w90 Gear plus for the front and rear diff.

I drained and replaced the auto transmission fluid with Nissan D Matic and everything was fine. I then came home and replaced the front and rear diff with the Penzoil that the parts guy told me to get. I took the truck for a drive around the block and everything sounded fine. I switched it into auto AWD and still seemed ok. When i switched it into 4 High, i started getting grinding and terrible noises. The truck actually almost came to a full stop (from just a roll) because it felt like it was binding. When i switch back into 2 wheel drive, the car drives normally. It actually makes a big clunking when switching between 4 wheel and 2 wheel as well with the switch.

I thought it either had to be filled too much (but can't go past the fill hole for obvious reasons), not enough fluid (it's at the drain hole), or the wrong fluid in the front diff. Does anyone have any input to try to help me out? I was out there all day instead of spending the beautiful day with the wife and kids, nightmare.

Do the front and rear diffs get the same gear oil even though the back is a LSD? I decided not to do the transfer case yet because I didn't want to add another variable to the mix.

Here is the stuff I put in.
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