Strange Problem

fordman70fordman70 IndianaMember Posts: 1
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I was wondering I cannot wrap my head around it,but I have a 2010 Escape so my gf went to start the truck up to get it warm and she noticed that the dash lights were dim ( they are always bright unless you turn on your headlights) and they ge bright when you turn on the headlights. well another thing is the car took so long to heat up. we were driving for about 2 mins and we noticed the temp guage went all the way to hot real quick them all of a sudden it went back to normal. anyone have any idea what can be the cause?


  • westnlaswestnlas Member Posts: 1
    The temp change was most likely caused by a sticking thermostat. That is a spring loaded bi metalic valve near the water pump that allows coolant to flow through the system. It's purpose is to keep the engine at normal operating temperature.
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