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Need help with some questions about a dodge dakota quad cab

Forgive me if I did anything wrong, this is my first post here. I have read a lot of posts here and it seems that everyone likes to help.

So I have wanted a dakota quad cab since the day I saw it, now they I also have a child to haul around I want one even more. But I am not rich and i am trying to find one I can afford. I work for UPS, but only as a part timer. But I just found out we get a discount through daimlerchrysler. The discount gets me any new 2002-2003 DC vehicle for 1% under dealer invoice. So my first question is, where can i find out the dealers invoice other then taking there word for it. Not to mention I would like to know before i go to the dealership, so I will know how much I will be spending.

Secondly I am trying to configure some quads on the dodge site, just to see what options are available and what I want, want I need and what I can live without. Is there any good place I can find out all the differances in the differant trims, like sport, sport+, slt and slt+. I also would like to find out exactly what each extra option is. I know I can just click on most of them at the dodge site, but thier descriptions kinda stink. I am basically looking to get the cheapest model with the options i need. I don't want a lot of extra stuff that i won't use. I almost forgot, can anyone give me advice on the best dealership to go to, preferablly in the Columbus area, but anywhere in ohio is fine. Thanks


  • Its me again. I just thought of one other thing. I can not see myself towing anything in the near future, but I suppose it is possible. Should i still opt for the 4.7L or is the 3.9L enough
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    mikef208 - For info on the invoice price, check out the following sites:, and They also include descriptions of the options, but they may not be any better than the Dodge website. As far as engines are concerned, if you want a 4x4 QC, get the 4.7L. On a 4x2 QC, the 3.9L may be acceptable, but I would still recommend the 4.7L. Go drive one of each in a QC and decide for yourself. Good luck.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I know what you mean about understanding the differences between the various models. I recently bought a Dakota Club Cab and although I did know the differences, they were fairly slight and somewhat obscure. I don't remember exactly, but for the most part I remember them being small changes in equipment, either standard or what was available as options. There are others on this site that can do a better job of describing the models better than I.

    As far as the engine goes, I think you might find that the real difference between the base 3.9 V6 and the 4.7 V8 will be the intial cost of the 4.7 engine. On my Dakota Club Cab the option price was $590. I'm sure that the 3.9 engine will give you better gas mileage overall, but the difference will not be as great as you might think. There will be a significant difference in performance, however.

    While the V6 is a sturdy little engine, it pales in comparison to the 4.7 performance wise. If you're easy on the throttle you'll probably realize the EPA highway mileage or better on each. If you like zip, the V6 will not be for you. Of course, if you drive the 4.7 for power you'll chew up fuel faster. But the 4.7s do run real nice! Most of the V6 owners I talk to seem to be getting about 2 mpg better than the 4.7 owners. If you're on a tight budget and will put a lot of miles on this vehicle, maybe the V6 is the better choice for you. In all honesty, the V6 would have been fine for most of my driving and hauling requirements. However, I opted for the more powerful engine knowing that it would represent extra cost in fuel.

    Best of luck,
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The $590 cost for the 4.7 V8 engine includes the 545RFE automatic transmission. To the best of my knowledge this transmission is not available on the 3.9 engine. It is a 5-speed auto that is very, very smooth and an excellent design. I believe the V6 is only available with a 4-speed auto.

    Best regards,
  • What options do you feel you need?? Then we can help steer you based on our collective experiences. I am probably the only one here that I know of that actually ordered a quad with the 4 wheel anti-lock brakes. There are quite a few of us who have the 5 speed transmission. The majority have the 4.7 v8 with the 5 speed. Based on the rebates and dealer discounting you could probably buy a barebones 4 wheel drive Quad for near $20K or load one up and pay over 30K. With the 4.7v8 and the 5 speed I have gotten over 21 mpg on the highway cruising at a steady 65 mph. I have also seen a tank or two of 16mpg cruising along the interstate in Western Nebraska doing 80 mph (75 mph is legal here) There are some options I would find hard to do without. These include cruise control, tilt steering wheel, keyless entry and power windows and a limited slip differential. There were other options I felt I didn't need such as leather seats and 4 wheel drive. Rick
  • Well I am not even sure exactly what i need, options wise. Let me check.
    First off, I don't know much about the SXT quad cab, but checking it out on the dodge site, it seems to be limitied to only the 3.9L engine, is this true? Also, after checking yahoo autos, which was a lot of help, I noticed that at least as far as they are concerned the sport plus and SLT plus seem to be equipped exactly the same.
  • Okay, I just configured a Sport Plus from the dodge site and heres what I got.

    Sport Plus 4x4, which came with the C package($1505.00), which includes deluxe convenience Group(Cruise Control, Tilt steering column), Front Floor mats, Power convenience group(Remote keyless Entry, Power locks and windows and dual power mirrors), Sport Plus group(Front Floor Mats, Fog Lamps, Sound System Including AM/FM Radio and In Dash CD player), On/Off road tires.

    I added the 4.7L( with the 5 speed auto that added about another 1500.00 or so, for some odd reason i added the sound system including the in dash CD player, which i obviously already have, Six remote audio controls located on steering wheel(obviously this is not a need, so i suppose I can get rid of it), Eight Infinity speakers in 6 locations, six way power drivers seat, power heated mirrors, electric rear defrost, leather wrapped steering wheel got added with the audio controls,Under rail bedliner. I would also like to have some brushed aluminum side steps, but I did not put them on here. For now that is all i can think of that i need, and actually a few wants. Is there anything I am leaving out, that you think i should consider? Thanks for your help
  • Also, according to the dodge site, the 4.7L is an extra 590.00, but for me the 5 speed auto added like over 1000.00 more.
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    mikef208 - the 4.7L comes standard with a 5-speed manual transmission. If you want the 545RFE 5-speed automatic, it is an extra $1000+. The only automatic transmission on the 3.9L is a 4-speed, and it is an extra cost option as well.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Yes, the automatic transmission for the 4.7 is a $1,050 option, so combined the 4.7 engine, with automatic would be about $1640. My apologies if I misled you.

    >>Also, after checking yahoo autos, which was a lot of help, I noticed that at least as far as they are concerned the sport plus and SLT plus seem to be equipped exactly the same.<<

    I just the other day threw out all of the standard equipment sheets that I had printed out, but, if I remember correctly, the difference is the side mouldings and chrome grille, bumpers and exterior trim on the SLT.

    The Sport Plus gives you body color grill, bumpers and fascia, wheel flares, bigger tires, 16 x 7 cast aluminum wheels, heavy duty suspension, and front and rear sway bars. I'm pretty sure that the interiors are identical, except maybe for the center console arrangement. I'm also thinking that some optional equipment is not available on the Sport Plus, but I'm not certain.

    Aside from the equipment you already mentioned, the 26C package will upgrade the wheels to 16 x 8.

    For 2003 Dodge is one of the few that will still offer a AM-FM radio with CD and cassette.

    One thing my Sport Plus doesn't have that I wish it did is heated mirrors. Around here they are a real convenience.

    Best of luck,
  • bcarter3bcarter3 Posts: 145
    I'm not sure if it is still true, as the option packages have changed, but I spent a whole year of research prior to buying my 2001 SLT Club Cab and when I ordered mine the SLT was actually less expensive than a similarly equipped Sport. Some of the options I wanted were "stand alone" options on the Sport and "packaged" on the SLT. I have been to the Dodge website and find it much more confusing than it was two and a half years ago. The SXT is only available with the 3.9. I have been EXTREMELY happy with my 4.7 auto.

      Good luck to you with whatever you choose. Come on over to the Dakota Owners Club and keep us posted. Dick

  • Well I just got the sunday paper and a local 5 star dodge dealer is selling all dodge trucks at 1000.00 under invoice plus 2500 cash back. Unless there is some trickery involved 1000.00 under invoice is better then the 1% under invoice I can get with my discount. So would that be a better deal? In case I didn't explain it earlier. I work for UPS, and through them I get a 1% under invoice discount on DC vehicles.
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