Questions on audio and bluetooth integration.

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Hello All!

My wife and I have been dreaming of a Mazda CX-9 for years now, and with lots of saving and the help of our income taxes, we were finally able to afford our dream car!
We are both very pleased with the car itself. As parents of 4, the third row seating is a LIFE SAVER. However, we are both incredibly displeased with the bluetooth and audio system. First, the BOSE sound system sounds amazing, but with the AUX port being disabled, we find the radio to be pretty much useless.

First, neither of us could care any less about Sirus radio. We have Spotify and thats the only source of music we plan on using.

After doing lots of research, I see that in order to get both Sirus and the AUX port to work, you must purchase a switching box.....ok, sure whatever, but I dont want Sirus. I took the whole GPS and HU out of the dash, and was even MORE infuriated to find that there is an empty port on the back on the HU, but the AUX module does not fit. WTF Mazda? Why even bother? Why even put an AUX port in there? Why even put a media button on the HU? This is utterly pointless.

(takes big calm breath)

Anyway. Is there a way to get the AUX port to work without using Sirus? Do I have to spend $200 plus dollars on a switching box, or is there any other option?

Oh yeah....that leads me to the second part of my bitchfest question.

The bluetooth does not work with our iPhone 6's. I know, I know...first world problems right? But I am so displeased with this.

Is there a firmware update I can do on the HU to make the BT work with my iPhone? And possible even make music available to play? I researched this, but came up with nothing.

Any responses are greatly appreciated and thank you very in advance!
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