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Mitchell vehicle valuation report

jbf250jbf250 Member Posts: 3
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Does anyone know how to find out the formulas that the Mitchell report uses? I am having a hard time finding anything consistent in my vehicle loss statement.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    edited February 2015
    Not familiar with those reports but the formulas are probably proprietary. Could ask them I suppose. Maybe they just buy data from someone like Kelley and repackage it. Ah, looks like they work with JD Power. They gather a lot of their own data too I'm sure through their repair shop programs.

    This relates to a fender bender/accident I assume? This article may be of interest:

    Confessions of an Auto Claims Adjuster
  • jbf250jbf250 Member Posts: 3
    It is a vehicle theft recovery that they deemed a total loss due to a very low acv done by Mitchell inc
  • jbf250jbf250 Member Posts: 3
    For example one truck had 220,000 miles less than mine and they deducted $ 8005 from that vehicles price. Another vehicle had 87,000 less miles than mine and they deducted $969? Very big difference in milage deductions.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    If you run into difficulty negotiating with them, you may want to ask your insurance commissioner for help. There's some interesting links out there about how insurance companies use the valuation companies to lowball claims to "protect shareholders". Like this one.
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