2015 Chevy Equinox gas tank and mpg

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Hello, I just purchased a 2015 AWD Equinox. I am perplexed as to the gas mileage, tank size, etc. My 08 equinox seems better on gas mileage. Does anyone else have this issue? I had about 1/8 of a tank left, no fuel light, and yet it only took about 13 gallons. Makes no sense. Thanks!!!


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    Some people get the "EPA" mileage from the first tank but I think it's more common for a new car's gas mileage to creep up and not really hit its stride until four or five thousand miles.

    May as well check two or three tanks manually and make sure the dash mpg is accurate - usually they are, but not always.

    Your target is 23 combined with the AWD. You can play with your mix of city/highway driving here and dial your target mpg in better.

    Your tank holds 18.8 gallons. It's likely going to be pretty rare that you'd put more than 16 and a half gallons in it, unless your low fuel light isn't very conservative.
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    Hi Kim, We have an 11' GMC version AWD and our low fuel light comes on when the drivers info center estimate goes down to about 50 miles or so. Not sure of the content on yours but do you have the estimated miles to go thing as an option? I never pay to much attention to fuel gauge beyond very general idea.

    Which engine do you have , the 4 or 6 cyl ?
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    Hi thank you for responding. It's 2.4L, 4 cyl. I only have about 600 miles on it but have filled it twice. Just not as satisfied with the gas mileage so far, although the first comment makes sense as to waiting for a few thousand miles. Also it has been brutally cold here in Ohio. I'm sure that has to do with it. Most of my commute is highway mileage by the way.
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    Ah yes, been kind of chilly here in the south also (southern New England that is -16 the other morning and seemingly quite a few more days then normal below zero) . My broken in daily driver has lost about 6 MPG with the temps being as low as they are, As Steve suggested I would expect MPG to get better by about 3 or 4 thousand mile mark, and temps in 50's or above will help also (at least until a/c season begins :) )
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    Thanks! Keep warm...-20 on my way to work yesterday. It's all the same to me if it's under 32 degrees lol...come on summer!!!
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    Has anyone had to have a steering column replace on the 2015 Equinox?
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